Tutorial-Creating a Photoshop Jewel  

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Tutorial-Creating a Photoshop Jewel
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As promised, here's a tutorial about creating a jewel in Photoshop. It was a little difficult to cram all that in, but if you'll get the 1600x1200 version, you should be able to read it OK. Hope it all makes sense. Feel free to ask questions, but be sure to subscribe to the discussion below so you'll know when I've answered - because I'll answer here, not in a PM. Let me know if you found this useful.


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09/03/05 3:24 AM GMT
Nice layout.
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09/03/05 3:30 AM GMT
this is great, very simple and easy to understand, one of the best tutorials I've seen!
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09/03/05 3:38 AM GMT
Thanks, Nathan.. I appreciate this.... You have made it look easy enough for me to follow..
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One bead at a time..
09/03/05 3:51 AM GMT
Nice tutorial. This one will be put right into my graphics design tutorial files.
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09/03/05 4:03 AM GMT
This is wonderful, Nathan! Now this might sound like a dumb question but can you tell me where to set the size if I want to print this out so that it is on the page and I can read it? Thanks so much for doing this!
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09/03/05 4:33 AM GMT
Fantastic! I will enjoy trying this one out. I tried your other tutorial on gold layer style out, and used it on Banded Sky if you would like to check it out!
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09/03/05 4:38 AM GMT
Thanks, everyone. Wendy, if you do the "Print with Preview" in Photoshop, then select "Scale to Fit Media" and do page setup and put it in landscape mode, it prints out readable. Mythica - it was fun to go see your image that used my earlier tutorial. Thanks for sharing that with me. I left you a comment.
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09/03/05 5:00 AM GMT
Hey Nathan, thank you so much for this. Can't wait to try it :)
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09/03/05 5:19 AM GMT
(*places fingers to temples*) ... I forsee many jewels in our future ...

(*scampers off to beat the crowd) ... boooyah !!!!

Thanks Nathan
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09/03/05 5:44 AM GMT
I just did another piece following my own directions. I used a red to yellow gradient this time. I found that the directions in the upper right section of the tutorial put too much dark in the center for that gradient, and I used a large soft eraser brush to delete some out of the middle. I'll post "Solar Sailing" now, so you can see what I came up with.
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09/03/05 7:30 AM GMT
THANKYOU... thanks Nathan for doing these tutorials.. they are a huge help and easy to understand.... plus they look beautiful... =D
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09/03/05 8:58 AM GMT
Thank you! One other thing I wasn't too clear on in the tutorial. Click the first layer you created to add the drop shadow to, not the highlight layer. Appreciate your feedback.
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09/04/05 12:40 AM GMT
Found it! I'm saving both the image and this full page for your additional comments. Seems pretty straight forward. scurrying off to try.....
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09/05/05 3:17 PM GMT
THX Nathan.You are an asset to the caedes community my friend!!
Peace&Respect Jojo
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Laying Easy Somewhere Shade Across My Mind
09/05/05 3:44 PM GMT
Thanks, Kilie and Joseph. Have a great day, my friends.
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09/07/05 3:25 AM GMT
Thanks Nathan for sharing your knowledge with us.
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09/12/05 1:14 PM GMT
You're welcome, Brent.
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09/19/05 4:48 AM GMT
Thank You!!!!
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10/23/05 11:23 PM GMT
Nathan, I had a lot of fun running through this tutorial We do things a little differently and I like your style.
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-DFX -
11/12/05 9:01 AM GMT
Great tut! Thank you so much for posting it! :)
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11/25/05 3:59 PM GMT
thank you it's great!
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03/14/06 5:01 PM GMT
Nathan, this may be a silly question, but when I attempt to add the "shine" and do the white to translucent gradient, as soon as I draw the ellipse, it fills with white, so when I try to do the gradient it has no affect. I thought there was a way you could cancel fill in Photoshop, but can't seem to remember. Any idea where I might be going wrong? I'm working with photoshop 7, I believe.

The tutorial is great, though. Your instructions are quite clear.
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03/14/06 5:58 PM GMT
You've got me stumped. I've tried everything, but cannot get Photoshop to automatically fill a selection with white as soon as I select an ellipse. I have to ctrl-delete to fill it with color. Anybody else have a suggestion?
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03/14/06 6:16 PM GMT
Ok. I think it makes sense to me now. I think you are using the ellipse shape tool (U is the shortcut key).

The tool you need to use is the Elliptical Marquee Tool (shortcut key is M). By default you'll see the rectangular marquee tool. If that's the case, press Shift+M to cycle through until you see the elliptical marquee tool. Draw your ellipse with that, and it won't automatically fill with color.
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03/14/06 6:17 PM GMT
*SMACKS forhead* That's me being somewhat slow. I read Elliptical Marquee Tool, but saw the shape tool. I'll give it a try, and let you know! Thanks for your help!
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Silence sometimes speaks to you, and you should listen.
03/21/06 4:51 PM GMT
Yup, once I used the right tool, everything worked like a champ. I've managed to create a descent dark blue jewel. Now, I just need to do something with it. I may well even try the style tutorial, and see what I get. Thanks again!
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Silence sometimes speaks to you, and you should listen.
04/04/06 5:40 AM GMT
Thnk you I am going to try this one very detailed description in the Image as well keep up the good work
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05/01/06 2:56 AM GMT
nice job...i think im going to have to try this sometime or another...
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08/07/06 12:01 AM GMT
Hey, thanks! I've been wondering how to do this for a while. ^.^
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08/15/06 2:29 AM GMT
You're welcome. Have fun! Thanks for leaving a comment.
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08/20/06 1:40 PM GMT
nathan, thanks for the tutorial, it was great, i only have one problem, i dont know how to get my fractal into my jewel, the jewel is fine, but im stumped after that. id much appreciate any help. thanks again.gareth
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08/21/06 1:19 PM GMT
In photoshop -

1) CTRL-Click on the small image of the jewel's first layer in the layer's palette. This selects the jewel.

2) Now, open and copy your fractal so it's sitting on the clipboard.

3) Go back to your jewel image and do EDIT->PASTE INTO.

4) Do a transform command (CTRL-T) and drage the handle bars so the fractal image fits within you jewel the way you want it to.

5) Set the blending mode of this layer to overlay, soft light, or another of your choosing, and adjust the opacity until it's just right.

Hope this helps, my friend.
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11/14/06 3:01 PM GMT
Wow, this is great. I can't wait to use it and your other info in the discussion. I love this site and the kind people, like yourself, who make this a fine human experience...hard to find anywhere these days :)PJ
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11/18/06 9:19 PM GMT
This tutorial helped me a lot! (refer to my jewel images), but no-one can compare to the master! except calmagical, i believe in time nathan, you shall be overthrown!
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11/18/06 10:03 PM GMT
Thank you! It's quite a compliment to be able to inspire somebody. More power to you both.
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03/12/07 6:07 PM GMT
Hey, I LOVE the tutorial, but I need to know what version of Photoshop you're using... I have Corel Paint Shop Pro X, and it won't Ctrl + click and get the exact circle... in fact, it doesn't do anything. Apart from that, it's going ok so far :P

Help please?

Gem xx
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04/16/07 5:49 PM GMT
This has been one of the most inspiring tutorials on Caedes for me - which is saying something, as there have been some very useful ones, including your pen tool tutorial.
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04/17/07 4:04 AM GMT
Now if I can just do it!!....I want to and maybe if I want to bad enough, it will work out eh? thanx so much my friend, for setting this up for us all..I guess you had posted this before, as I already have it in my saved stuff....thankies Nathan....hugs to ya hun....Verena
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What did the blonde say when she opened the box of Cheerios?....Aren't those cute little donut seeds?!!!
06/09/07 1:49 PM GMT
Thank you for your excellent tutorial.
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06/09/07 9:12 PM GMT
You're welcome. Thank you for stopping by.
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12/07/07 4:55 AM GMT
Thank you! Because of this tutorial, I passed my college Media Arts class!
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"This isn't happening... It only thinks it's happening."
12/07/07 5:08 PM GMT
Way cool! Thanks for telling me.
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09/12/08 7:35 PM GMT
I can't thank you enough for your tutorials. I've sat and practiced how to do these and came up with one or two myself.
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11/19/09 6:54 PM GMT
i added a (first-attempt)jewel to my (bee) fractal(from apo) in photoshop 6, and managed to paste a smaller fractal inside the 'jewel' looks pretty cool for my first time but cant figure out how to save so i can show ppl- its prolly something right stupid but it just wont save with my jewel and fractal inside. could you help plz?
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11/19/09 8:58 PM GMT
nm i figured it out lol
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12/09/09 1:17 AM GMT
It looks like Nathan is a good teacher and you an apt pupil Twinks. Very nice. We are getting the snow you are wishing for.

Merry Christmas

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