Woodlands (Collaboration with MadMaven)  

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Uploaded: 07/26/06 8:46 PM GMT
Woodlands (Collaboration with MadMaven)
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Madmaven created a fractal and asked if I'd take on the challenge of creating something different out of it. Although the original is not on the Caedes site anymore, you can see her fractal in the background of the jeweled piece running through the image by the butterfly.


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07/26/06 9:38 PM GMT
Great job you two! I love butterflies so I love this! The colors are rich and beautiful and the detials are intricate. A keeper!
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07/26/06 9:49 PM GMT
Magnifique you's amazingly beautiful. The richness of the green and gold and the terrific lighting....what a dynamite job you've done. Most definitely a keeper. Thanks for the hard work. Anita
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07/26/06 9:52 PM GMT
Great work Nathan. You managed to keep the tribal spirit of Terri's fractal. This is exciting that you responded to her challenge. Love the banner and the butterfly.
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07/26/06 10:23 PM GMT
Such a gentle wallpaper. I love the 3D butterfly, which seems to be drawn to Terri's inlaid pattern as well. A great collaboration you two!
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07/26/06 10:29 PM GMT
Very nice Nathan! I love the way you highlighted Terri's original flame. Wonderful job to the both of you!..=)
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07/26/06 10:35 PM GMT
Excellent work. Creative way to put it all together.
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Life's moments are sweet. I just want to capture all that I can of them.
07/26/06 11:23 PM GMT
A beautiful job you two ! Absolutely outstanding ! That butterfly is the perfect touch ! ;o)
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07/26/06 11:58 PM GMT
I am almost speechless, though of course I knew you could knock everyone's socks off with whatever you would do! Thank you Nathan....VERY much, for the beautiful creation you made from my shabby lil apop render! It really means a lot to me...and I don't think anybody here disagrees that you are the King of far as art! All that...and a good and decent heart too! Terri

PS: I am even more excited at the title and nothing is more beautiful to me than woodlands!
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07/27/06 12:15 AM GMT
I'm pleased you like it. It was fun to do. Thanks for the compliments, Terri and friends.
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07/27/06 12:16 AM GMT
Beautiful collaborative work .. (*takes picture of gym sock .. runs to post*)
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07/27/06 12:32 AM GMT
Outstanding work. A most excellent collaboration.
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07/27/06 12:49 AM GMT
Nathan and Terri --- three cheers! It's a stunning design - real Eye Candy! - Patty
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07/27/06 2:54 AM GMT
You're Amazing Nathan. Terri, your image was an incredible inspiration, and beautifully done.
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07/27/06 3:39 AM GMT
Nicely done. Beautiful!
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07/27/06 4:46 AM GMT
Just beautiful you two :)
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07/27/06 9:50 AM GMT
Super work you two!! Super job Nathan!! Very woody and earthy beat to this with that hint of mystical elegance about it!!
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07/27/06 10:24 AM GMT
Very, very nice job, both of you! Elegant, uncluttered and so pleasing!
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07/27/06 11:02 AM GMT
Great work from both of you :) An extremely pleasing image.
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07/27/06 1:26 PM GMT
Wow, the transformation of Terri's piece to this is stunning! You'll have many more throw out a challenge, I'm sure! wonderful desktop art, Nathan.
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07/27/06 3:28 PM GMT
Wow, Wow, Wow. Thats all i can say. This is awsomely beautiful Nathan! It is going straight on my desktop.
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07/28/06 5:59 PM GMT
10/10 I love this pic it is just perfect. I wouldn't change a thing!
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07/28/06 6:27 PM GMT
Thank you!
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07/29/06 11:18 PM GMT
THis is an excellent piece and with all that pressure you got (pokes tounge out at Terri) I really like what you have done with the design. It turned out wonderfully.Jason
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07/30/06 1:33 PM GMT
Fine fine job here. It was cool in Terri's original posting, but this is well just gorgeous!
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08/01/06 10:21 AM GMT
Excellent work Nathan.. love what you have done with Terri's image... this is on my desktop... beautiful...
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08/05/06 6:20 AM GMT
I like it! I wish the butterfly wasn't so pixilated though.
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08/14/06 5:16 PM GMT
I love this kind of composition, rather medieval, and very beautiful.
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08/15/06 1:21 AM GMT
Thank you!
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09/16/06 2:00 PM GMT
Another Masterpiece NmSmith. Simply wonderful. Another of yours on it's way to my Favorites Gallery. God has truly blessed you with a great gift of creativity. I hope it guides you to the path He has for you. Great Job, and Keep up the Good Work!
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Beauty is by design. In nature, and all things.
09/24/06 6:34 PM GMT
New here......just wanted to say......great piece!!
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09/29/06 9:46 PM GMT
This is absolutely beautiful! I was getting very bored with my current backdrop so came here and well it was an instantaneous it on the desktop 2 seconds flat!
I have a passion for butterflies and the contrasting colours are just a delight. Awesome :-)
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10/02/06 11:25 AM GMT
I must've passed this one right up! This is beautiful...The abstraction of Terri and the detailed finesse of Nathan...they go well together! Well done, you two!
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10/02/06 1:26 PM GMT
Many thanks!
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01/25/07 9:05 PM GMT
I really love most of the work you do!! Thank you for a great job well done once again!
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04/14/07 4:23 PM GMT
wow thats really beautiful
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01/18/08 4:57 PM GMT
Thank you very much for this lovely desktop image. The colors are amazing and I love butterflies!
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02/03/08 3:33 PM GMT
This is an excellent piece! I love it! I am a big fan of butterflies, and greens and blues. Well done!

~Emily ;)
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You can never be disapointed if you have no expectations. :)
08/30/08 12:24 AM GMT
I like that you used a butterfly in your work. Beautiful!
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06/05/09 1:09 PM GMT
So delight and elegant! Have to fav this!
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06/05/09 1:09 PM GMT
Sorry...meant to say so delicate and elegant! (should type and email and this at the same time) ha ha
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09/15/09 8:02 PM GMT
Just now saw this exquisite beauty!!!!! Glorious creation Nathan!:)
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09/15/09 8:05 PM GMT
Beautiful presentation.
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