Wishing Upon a Star  

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Uploaded: 11/28/06 5:57 PM GMT
Wishing Upon a Star
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11/28/06 5:58 PM GMT
It has wonderful colors. Great work.
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Live life as if you were never going to live at all! Need More Chocolate!!
11/28/06 6:02 PM GMT
Very nicely done Nathan, really like the background and the colours you used here.
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Always remember to follow the Yellow Brick road, it will lead to the Emerald City and OZ......A very nice place to live, trust me on this one. The Lion
11/28/06 6:05 PM GMT
Another nice one! Good job.
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Creation sings His majesty. You cannot see a sunrise, and doubt His existence. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~Christian Of Caedes~~
11/28/06 9:11 PM GMT
well done wish i new how to do that
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I am a leo en like te goodlive
11/28/06 9:44 PM GMT
Wow... your works are just awsome...
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I am the knight in the shadows.....
11/28/06 10:45 PM GMT
Yay! I'm not late! :D
Anyway, another stunner by the master. This is fabulous. Love the aurora space thing, and the design on the jewel looks stunning. Again, great picture.
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11/28/06 11:11 PM GMT
Totally going into my favorites!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Putting your pictures in my favorites is the highest honor I can give you. If I do not get to your pictures as soon as you post them, I apologize. I try. Also if I do not respond for awhile it doesn't mean I'm ignoring you, it just means I'm really tied up with school & life.
11/28/06 11:41 PM GMT
Beautiful design. Excellent work, as always.
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11/29/06 12:12 AM GMT
Another beauty. Great as always.
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Life's moments are sweet. I just want to capture all that I can of them.
11/29/06 1:39 AM GMT
My wish is...
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"A picture is worth a thousand words"
11/29/06 2:38 AM GMT
I wish I may, I wish I might ..... be able to tell you how gorgeous this is ! Oh ... wait ... I just did. ;o)
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I'm not only weird, but I'm gifted too ! ......CLICK TO SAVE LIVES ! .......MY GALLERY
11/29/06 3:35 AM GMT
This is great Nathan! Very different from your usual stuff. I like it!..=)
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"Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures." -Henry Ward Beecher......... My Gallery
11/29/06 8:49 AM GMT
Nathan, like all your work this is superb and it seems to have an extra something. A great "Christmasy" picture as well. I have made my wish :)
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The question is not what you look at, but what you see ~ Marcel Proust
11/29/06 10:55 AM GMT
A beautiful sight to behold Nathan!! The pinks really set this baby off!!
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Picture Purrrfect . Why does the picture come out square when the lens is round??? 8~O
11/29/06 7:21 PM GMT
He is beautiful. In full screen just better.
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If you love something, set it free. It it comes back to you, it is yours. If it does not, it was never meant to be. Wil
11/29/06 8:32 PM GMT
Thank you!!!
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11/30/06 10:11 PM GMT
This is nice, kind of a stained glass feel with aurora behind it. Nicely done.
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11/30/06 10:43 PM GMT
Hello Nathan, once again, we are treated with the best of the best, as this image is supremely beautiful! It reminds me of a comet, orbiting the sun, and as it leaves the sun and vaporizes, forms it's long tail of ions, or something close to that, guessing! Somehow your beautiful image made me think these thoughts as I viewed this beauty of Blue!! My thoughts went to the heavens and dreams, the glimmer from above, and the wonderment of the universe! Sorry Nathan, if my comments sound far removed from what your artistic design meant to convey! I love it, and will close, as I wish upon my star! Also I will add this image to my favs with pleasure! Sincerely, Marilyn
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12/01/06 2:39 PM GMT
Thank you, Larry and Marilyn. :)
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12/05/06 7:46 AM GMT
Beautiful design- i love this flower!Perfectly done!Awesome gold details...however!Respect,Nathan!
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01/12/07 6:05 AM GMT
really nice and great job

My Gallery.
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do it
01/12/07 2:41 PM GMT
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02/02/07 5:01 PM GMT
Wondrous colors and intricate detail.
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07/09/09 6:08 AM GMT
I never know why I miss some of your beautiful creations Nathan.
But I'd never seen this one. Stars are my most favorite "object" there is, I collect many kinds, so now I have yours. This is so lovely.I like very much the smokey colours, vibrant yet soft. Once again you've made a creation that would look wonderful in silk. I love all the tiny stars, and the big one looks quite a bit like a seastar.Verena
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"Well," said Pooh, "what I like best," and then he had to stop and think. Because although Eating Honey was a very good thing to do, there was a moment just before you began to eat it which was better than when you were, but he didn't know what it was called. ~A.A. Milne

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