Fractal Gold VI  

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Uploaded: 02/24/07 10:32 PM GMT
Fractal Gold VI
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Red satin and pearls. Hope you enjoy. This is a huge fractal I created in Xaos (1000x4000 pixels). Unfortunately, I had to reduce it a bunch to fit it into a 1600x1200 image. You can view a larger image at my DA account... ...then click on the download icon to the left.


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02/24/07 10:42 PM GMT
A beautiful design Nathan. I love the ruby red color & the large pearl make this a very elegant piece. Nicely done.
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02/24/07 10:51 PM GMT
Beautifully intricate lace and bead design. The deep reds really set off the lustre of the pearl.
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02/24/07 11:18 PM GMT
That is very pretty. It almost has a 3d feel to it with the pearl. Very good. Another beauty!

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02/24/07 11:28 PM GMT
Wonderful Nathan, simply fantastic.
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02/24/07 11:29 PM GMT
Now this is definitely a silk/satin quality image. Very rich and classy image.
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02/25/07 12:05 AM GMT
I really like the satin background for this. I wanted to create that kind of rich, cloth effect, but I had no idea how. You, naturally have done it superbly. I'm not personally keen on the foreground panel, but it is very nicely done.

I have a question, though. How do you get Xaos to create images that large? I can't figure out how to create images any bigger than a little smaller than my screen resolution, but unless you have a monitor the size of a cinema screen, I assume you've found out how to do it. (I know I'm not the only one like this either.) Would appreciate any hints! (Also, if relevant, which version you are using - I couldn't get the latest one to compile last time I tried...)

Great satin, though. Would like some curtains in that!

- cfr

PS I really hope I didn't ask this before and even more hope I didn't forget an answer from somebody. I know I've discussed it, but I've had discussions with people equally at a loss, for sure...
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02/25/07 3:11 AM GMT
Another great one Nathan!
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What ever happened to the good ol' days?
02/25/07 3:24 AM GMT
Interesting background! Would like to see it with the background black with a bar of fractals.
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02/25/07 4:18 AM GMT
Wonderful work and thanks for the link. :)


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02/25/07 10:37 AM GMT
Wow this so beautiful !!! Amazing work, gorgeous colours..
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02/25/07 11:33 AM GMT
A lovely sumptuous work Nathan - I am sure that pearl is real :)
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The question is not what you look at, but what you see ~ Marcel Proust
02/25/07 5:56 PM GMT
beautiful, the coloring is very sensual! good work!
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02/25/07 6:57 PM GMT
Rich, lush, splendid, fabulous. But then that's par, for you.

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02/25/07 8:42 PM GMT
Elegant & lush ! Beautiful Nathan !
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02/25/07 9:45 PM GMT
Very nice Nathan. I especially am impressed with your pearl. Quite realistic.
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Life's moments are sweet. I just want to capture all that I can of them.
02/26/07 5:58 AM GMT
This is exquisite. The reds and golds are yummy.
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02/26/07 2:25 PM GMT
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02/27/07 12:09 AM GMT
A real beauty Nathan.
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02/27/07 3:26 PM GMT
This is really elegant/classy!
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02/27/07 3:41 PM GMT
Thanks, Kat and June!
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03/03/07 10:15 PM GMT
Definitely an outfit I would wear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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