Find that hidden great photo - Photoshop's Crop Tool  

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Uploaded: 01/13/08 5:06 AM GMT
Find that hidden great photo - Photoshop's Crop Tool
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Here's a quick tutorial on using the crop and measurement tools in Photoshop. The measurement tool is used here to straighten a photo. This would be a good tutorial for those beginning to experiment with digital photography. I hope you find it useful.


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01/14/08 11:31 AM GMT
Another great photoshop tip. Thanks for the info and easy to read layout. Very well done.
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01/14/08 1:53 PM GMT
Another excellent tutorial! Thanks for doing this.
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01/14/08 3:27 PM GMT
Never can have enough tutorials..thanks for taking the time to put this one together :)PJ
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01/15/08 9:51 PM GMT
Good tutorial, it's useful.
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01/15/08 10:58 PM GMT
Good tutorial with very easy to follow instructions.
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01/25/08 6:24 AM GMT
Thanks Nathan. This is a fine tool for people who have Photoshop and don't know their way around it even after a few months like me! lol I'm used to using PSPX, so this will be very useful if I want to do things with CS3 instead.
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09/08/10 8:20 PM GMT
Great the Logan shots
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