Precious Metals  

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Uploaded: 10/23/06 5:44 PM GMT
Precious Metals
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The Escondida copper, gold and silver pit mine in Chile’s Atacama Desert, as seen in this image from the ASTER satellite. The mine is at an elevation of about 10,000 feet, and produces 127,000 tons per day of ore. Bit of an unusual space shot really but I thought the myriad of textures and muted colours made an interesting desktop image.

Credit: NASA/ U.S-Japan ASTER.


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10/23/06 6:44 PM GMT
Quite a piece to marvel at. I'm really into all these textures.

It that a mega caterpillar truck there in the bottom of the pit. Must be my eyes playing tricks with me. ^_^
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10/23/06 8:35 PM GMT
Good post Phil, amazing what things look like from space.
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10/24/06 7:45 AM GMT
I could have guessed until the end of time Phil and never figured out what this unusual as well as intriguing to the viewer's eye. I really like the different colors here as well as the fascinating shapes. Very good work in cleanup and size-up that you did to "wow" all of us once again. *I feel rather small & insignificant now* :)
Thanks for all you do to put a smile on my face and and a 'wow" on my lips!
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10/24/06 9:45 AM GMT
I don't see a truck like Klas, but... swimming pools at right... ;-)
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10/25/06 10:23 PM GMT
I'm thinking that this is a ruse...this is really the excavation work beginning on your new 'Mansion' in the hills. ;o)
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The Universe conspires to help those who help themselves. My gallery.
10/26/06 6:37 PM GMT
This is Bush's next terrorist hotbed ... that explains the satellite shot

the terrorists are refining the copper into spear tips and massing on the border
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10/30/06 7:21 PM GMT
ha... Love the previous comment and your image. I've got a question, though: what are those blue watery-tent lookig thingies at the lower left of the center of the image? THey look too huge to be tents and too regular in shape to be pools. Can't figure out what is it they are.
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10/30/06 7:41 PM GMT
well they could be pools - the regular shape is no doubt due to excavation.
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07/26/09 9:39 PM GMT
Excellent find. I'm still mining (excuse the pun) the Fed's websites for images.
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