Atlantis Roll Out.  

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Uploaded: 05/15/07 5:58 PM GMT
Atlantis Roll Out.
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Space Shuttle Atlantis, mounted on a mobile launch platform, rolls to Launch Pad 39A just after sunrise. In late February, Atlantis' external tank received hail damage during a severe thunderstorm causing visible divots in the giant tank's foam insulation, as well as damage to 26 heat shield tiles on the shuttle's wing. Bit of a ropey original here with lots of noise and distortion (damn those Nikon D70’s) so I did a full ‘artsy’ makeover as well as the usual clean ups. Original image can be seen here for comparison.

Original image credit: NASA/Troy Cryder.


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05/15/07 6:23 PM GMT
You did some job on this Phil. It`s now a very clear image. Excellent.
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Save the Cheerleader......Save the World!
05/16/07 1:36 AM GMT
Good work buddy, bet the real thing doesn't look that good Phil. LOL
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05/21/07 1:32 PM GMT
It's not very often that one gets to see and shoot a scene like this one. Darned shame about the weather. It makes the colors a bit flat. Thanks for bringing it to us though with your cleanup and smoothing..
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ж Regmar ж
05/21/07 2:48 PM GMT
Very nice postwork!
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05/22/07 4:08 AM GMT
Great shot! Good composition.
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