Atlantis STS-117 Launch 2  

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Uploaded: 06/18/07 8:27 PM GMT
Atlantis STS-117 Launch 2
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Viewed from across the grassy marsh near Launch Pad 39A, Space Shuttle Atlantis clears the rising clouds of smoke and steam. The shuttle is delivering a new segment to the starboard side of the International Space Station's backbone, known as the truss. Three spacewalks are planned to install the truss segment, deploy a set of solar arrays and prepare them for operation.

Credit: NASA/JPL


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06/18/07 8:31 PM GMT
Nothing too spectacular on the launch image front this time around, due in part to the light at the time of launch and a seemingly inexperienced new team of photographers from Nikon. This is one of the better ones but I have used a lot of artistic license in order to make anything of it over and above what has been seen before. Noise Ninja, PS CS3 and 55mm Film Tools used to enhance and repair the original.
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06/18/07 8:45 PM GMT
Still a big thing to watch it go up. Nice post Phil.
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06/18/07 8:54 PM GMT
Very nicely done indeed. No matter the perspective any shuttle launch is a thing of majesty to behold.
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06/18/07 11:37 PM GMT
Very nice. Space shuttles are so col.
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06/19/07 2:29 AM GMT
Thanks for sharing this, Phil.
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06/19/07 8:32 PM GMT
Beautiful and Powerful scene..Wonderful shot..
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06/25/07 2:40 PM GMT
Awesome! What a great shot :)
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06/26/07 8:06 PM GMT
reminds me of one of those 'onion blossoms' at Chili's ... and THAT's a good thing .. so long as it's on the table next to yours
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