STS-117 Approach  

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Uploaded: 06/24/07 8:19 PM GMT
STS-117 Approach
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OK - a little out of sequence, but this very nice image was tracked down by KJ & he pointed me in the right direction. Backdropped by rugged Earth terrain, Atlantis approaches the ISS during rendezvous and docking operations. A docked Soyuz spacecraft is visible in the foreground.

Credit: NASA/JPL.


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06/24/07 8:26 PM GMT
Very nicely done. This is definitely one of the most stunning approach shots from the shuttle missions.
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06/24/07 9:49 PM GMT
Wow I can see my house......and there's me out in the yard. I should get royalties from this. LOL :) Nice post Phil, and you're's a good one..
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06/25/07 12:49 AM GMT
Such an amazingly clear image. These shots you get are so perfect that they are almost surreal. Nice one again, Phil.
(Wonder what part of the world that is in the background?)
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02/29/12 12:36 AM GMT
WOW, amazing shot
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