STS-118: A Buck Fifty.  

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Uploaded: 08/09/07 2:57 PM GMT
STS-118: A Buck Fifty.
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Emerging from the billows of smoke, Space Shuttle Endeavour hurtles into the sky from launch pad 39A. The mission is the 22nd shuttle flight to the International Space Station but also represents a few other milestones as it is Endeavours return to flight from its long standing role as an emergency standby craft and is also the 150th manned flight to space by NASA. It will continue ISS construction by delivering a third truss segment, the SPACEHAB module and the external stowage platform. Usual refinements done in CS3, NoiseNinja & DFT 55mm.

Original Image Credit: NASA/KSC Media/Reuters.


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08/09/07 4:44 PM GMT
Good job Phil. That's a beauty.
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08/09/07 6:54 PM GMT
WoweeWowWow Phil! Onto my desktop this beauty goes, thank you so much! Love it!
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08/12/07 3:24 AM GMT
This is a great photo - the colors are very brilliant.
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08/12/07 5:28 PM GMT
Awesome sight. I'd love to see this for real. Thanks for bringing it to us.
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04/30/09 9:22 AM GMT
You capture really great space images!!! I wonder how it would feel like to drive a beauty like that!
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03/24/11 9:30 PM GMT
Fantastic photo - to infinity and beyond!!!!
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What is life, if full of care, we have no time to stand and stare - and take pictures!

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