VAB Sunset  

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Uploaded: 08/16/08 7:28 AM GMT
VAB Sunset
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The dark water of the turn basin at NASA's Kennedy Space Centre mirrors the night lights and the Vehicle Assembly Building and Launch Control Centre, silhouetted against a post-sunset sky. The VAB is the largest single storey building in the world and the 4th largest overall by volume. Photo manipulated with Noise Ninja and Tiffen DFX.

Credit: NASA/KMC


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08/16/08 7:36 AM GMT
With a floor space bigger than eight football fields the cavernous VAB was originally built to construct the Apollo mission Saturn rockets. So large and open is the interior that during high humidity periods, rain clouds have been reported as forming below the ceiling.

At the moment it assembles the various components of the shuttle launch vehicle and will eventually be used to construct the Ares I & V rockets for the new Constellation program.

The unmanned Ares V rocket will be the largest (381 feet tall) and most powerful in history, capable of delivering 190 metric tonnes of payload into earth orbit or 70+ metric tonnes into lunar orbit.
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08/16/08 2:05 PM GMT
Interesting colors and reflections. Love the sky. Building is very impressive!
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08/16/08 4:26 PM GMT
look's so quiet!
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08/16/08 5:44 PM GMT
Wonderful reflections and colors and a Fantastic capture.
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08/16/08 8:11 PM GMT
Nice job Phil.
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08/17/08 4:31 AM GMT
Breathtakingly beautiful Phil. The colors, the lighting, all seem so right. I know shat kind of work you put into these images and I still appreciate them.
Having seen this building with my naked eye 2 years ago, it is extremely impressive as you described it. Seeing it in the glaring sun versus this soft lighting makes all the difference in the world. What really grabbed my eye in this view is the way NASA is illuminated yet quite unobtrusive on the building itself.
Many thanks for all the work you do to expand my brain cells and educate my grandchildren about space :=)
To my favorites folder on my harddrive for the grandkiddies :)
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08/21/08 4:45 AM GMT
First class capture!
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08/22/08 10:09 AM GMT
Really nice work Phil.

+favs for me.

Thanks for sharing your talents and this image with us. :o)
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04/19/11 2:30 PM GMT
Great silhouette capture of the Nasa building and very nice reflections in the water! Great job! :)
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