STS-128: Dawn over the ISS  

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Uploaded: 09/08/09 7:26 AM GMT
STS-128: Dawn over the ISS
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At least I'm assuming it's dawn but when you're whizzing round the planet so quick, it's probably hard to keep track....

Image Credit: NASA/JPL


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09/08/09 9:06 AM GMT
Right into my favs. Beautiful.
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09/08/09 9:56 AM GMT
Amazing how the light works and color it gives off!!
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Why do the pictures come out square when the lens is round??
09/08/09 7:33 PM GMT
Another Fantastic photo to my favs.
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09/08/09 9:22 PM GMT
The only way I want to experience outer space.
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09/08/09 11:42 PM GMT
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09/09/09 7:08 PM GMT
What a beautiful photo. If NASA does not use this in the advertising, they are stupid. I think I am being redundant about NASA. A great photo.
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09/17/09 3:17 AM GMT
Another amazing capture...Thanks for sharing...
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09/26/10 4:43 PM GMT
'Amazingly beautiful' is what I always say for photos that make me say wow! Great photo! :)
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