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Uploaded: 10/26/09 8:52 AM GMT
Kiva Team Caedes
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OK - so the Caedes team @ Kiva has passed it's first year and loaned just shy of $2000 so far. So in thanks to Mia, Reg, Diane, Rich & Nigel (and to try to encourage new recruits to the lending team) I thought I would put together this montage of entrepreneurs helped by the Kiva organisation this year.

It's always better to see a smile than sorrow so if you would like to know more about Kiva and the work they do to help people all around the world build a new life for themselves, or to join the Caedes team there, then please go here. thanks.

Images used sourced from Kiva with full credit to them.


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10/26/09 9:54 AM GMT
Now look at that...That's nice to see...Favs...
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10/26/09 4:59 PM GMT
Great collage of happy faces and a wonderful way to promote a most worthy cause...wish I was in a position to do something but I'm not at present...hopefully one day I will...go Kiva Team Caedes!!!
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10/29/09 2:07 AM GMT
Wow, beautifully done montage, Phil. It flows well. It's visually interesting and inviting. You've done a great job of creating awareness and reaching out to others by putting a human face on a worthy cause. I also like the transparent color fade that you cleverly integrated into the image, allowing the images below to still shine through, while also giving you a solid color platform on which to place the logo. The color that you chose for the fade looks good and works very well. But I'm curious as to why you chose to go with a soft yellow for the fade instead of mirroring the soft lime green from the website?
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10/29/09 4:55 AM GMT
Thank you Lisa for the post – to answer your question, I decided to use the warm lemon colour instead of the lime to add some contrast to the logo and text as the rest of the image is already very ‘busy’ so was careful not to let the vector elements get lost in the whole effect.
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11/04/09 2:32 PM GMT
Very well done montage Phil...thanks for taking the time and effort putting it together. Only $50 until the $2000 mark. I believe in Kiva that is why I joined and I am really picky about what charities I give to. To me it's a win win situation, I get paid back in full then reloan the same $25 to another person. But I find getting people to join no easy task. Maybe offer a free month on Caedes if they join
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Please Join The Caedes Kiva Team
11/06/09 5:03 PM GMT
joined up, thank you
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03/17/10 10:47 PM GMT
I love this picture. thank you for posting it.
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07/03/10 9:29 PM GMT
Faved so I remember. It's important for you to submit this one, Phil, because I'm married to a skeptic, and seeing these smiling faces from around the world, some of these ladies seen with the by-product of their loans, makes it much more personal. That if we do this, we are dealing with individuals and not a corporation that siphons off large percentages of donations. There are plenty like that, operating by the use of glitzy ads and sob-story videos. Thanks to a heads-up from Diane, I've read the mission statement, process, and history of Kiva and this one appears to be genuine. Plus, if it had been duplicitous, all of you Caedes members would have discovered that by now. So thanks for being the "advance team" (my dream job would have been working for a completely philanthropic foundation.) Now it's up to me to do a little convincing. :D

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