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An ISS crew member inspecting the newly installed Cupola viewing dome (shown with window shields closed). The dome is designed to offer massively improved visibility both of the planet below and the exterior of the station.

It also represents the final major component to be installed on the ISS which is now 85% complete. All remaining work will be carried out over the last four flights of the shuttle fleet.

Image Credit: NASA/ESA


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02/18/10 4:22 PM GMT
I'd make sure I was attached real good up there. lol
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02/21/10 11:40 AM GMT
Wow lovely find dear - thanks for sharing :)
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( This message is posted from Gods Own Country,Kerala,India )
02/21/10 9:36 PM GMT
heavenly shot. VERY good.
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02/22/10 4:09 AM GMT
Fantastic photography! Looks like a great vacation spot.
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02/25/10 12:12 AM GMT
This is incredible.
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