NGC 2024: The Flame Nebula  

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Uploaded: 06/09/10 6:24 AM GMT
NGC 2024: The Flame Nebula
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This image, the first to be released publicly from VISTA, the world’s largest survey telescope, shows the spectacular star-forming region known as the Flame Nebula in the constellation of Orion and its surroundings.

Image Credit: ESO/J. Emerson/VISTA


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06/09/10 11:15 AM GMT
Nice...Thanks for sharing...
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06/09/10 4:43 PM GMT
Nice? Ron says??!! Magnificent is more like it!! What an awesome sight! It is so "unreal" to comprehend this is actually way out in space!! I can't even imagine the wonderful telescope that is able to show this, and now we have a photo???!!! It is truly amazing. I'm so glad you post these for us. It sure has made me 'sit up and take notice' of the universe and the intelligence of people who are able to show us these wonderful things. Thanx SOOO much. Verena
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06/09/10 9:13 PM GMT
Jap,i agree with Verena:This is Magnificent.And it is so Beautiful sight.Thank you Phil.
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06/11/10 4:50 PM GMT
Nice... Like fairies dancing in tulle clothes.

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06/12/10 8:00 PM GMT
Stunner for sure. The clarity of this, in comparison to other telescope images, is amazing. It might not be "yours" but thanks for sharing it Phil.
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06/12/10 10:17 PM GMT
Amazing, think there's a few of my socks & golf balls down that wormhole..
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06/19/10 9:33 PM GMT
Wow, that's gorgeous.
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01/09/11 9:25 PM GMT
That is great image! Hard to believe something like that is real! :D
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01/24/12 2:09 PM GMT
Always good to see your NASA work. Thanks again.
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