London by Night  

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Uploaded: 11/28/02 9:25 PM GMT
London by Night
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A view down the River Thames, with the Houses of Parliament, and the London Eye


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12/22/02 10:15 PM GMT
spectacular...just as I remember it!
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01/16/03 8:30 PM GMT
I like it a lot
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04/13/03 9:53 PM GMT
nice light, warm glowing... but cold.. nice pic
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06/05/03 5:08 PM GMT
Im near London :D this is a class pic
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07/17/03 7:07 PM GMT
Nice! I went to london like 6-7 years ago :D and it seems 50 times better in this picture... maybe because they added the weel @ the left and other lights :D
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Patrick. Webmaster [at] PatriXs [dot] com
08/10/03 11:33 PM GMT
;-( I'm going to cry, I miss London so much! I just visited it in June 2003, it's so beautiful, I reccommend anyone to go visit!! The picture, on the other hand, is alright...
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08/12/03 9:20 PM GMT
I was in Cornwall and London in May of 2002. The most Beautiful Holiday of my life!!
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10/10/03 4:23 AM GMT
Like it alot.....I live here in England it's great.
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10/14/03 10:03 AM GMT
very nice marvellous
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11/12/03 10:02 PM GMT
this picture is VERY PRETTY and clear and i like it a lot !!!!!!!!!!! good job!
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11/24/03 6:41 PM GMT
This is a beautiful part of London. I worked in Millbank tower - in the middle of the picture - for 15 years and this captures the atmosphere of this part of the river Thames perfectly.
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12/13/03 4:22 AM GMT
Great Shot! I never got to see the Wheel when I was over there, and this is a great image of what I had missed!
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01/04/04 5:36 PM GMT
I went to London for about 4 days, and this view is certainly one I didn't get to witness. Thank you for the beautiful scape, and the brilliant nocturnal coloring.
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Viva la Juicy
02/11/04 12:37 AM GMT
Just awesome!!!!
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02/12/04 10:00 PM GMT
I rode on that ferris wheel "Eye over London" summer of 2003. Good memories from that trip ;)
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02/18/04 2:43 AM GMT
wow i was always terrified of a ferris wheel, but this picture makes me wanna get on one! its an awesome picture i agree with seth, and its a great capture :)
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I'd show a smile, but I'm too weak.I'd share with you, could I only speak, Just how much this hurts me.
02/24/04 5:28 AM GMT
Wow, I was just about to get off the computer, and here I spot this. Really awesome picture of London, makes me yearn to visit even more. This is great!
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02/24/04 4:55 PM GMT
awesome picture!!! i wish i could go to london...that is one great shot, the sky is beautiful
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- fyrefly
03/12/04 9:34 PM GMT
that makes me so grateful to think that i can see that beautiful view every weekend if i so wish ... i love london its on eof the best cities in the world ... such a great place to live
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03/16/04 2:53 AM GMT
Nice photo. I have an identical one, shot on black+white, taken during the day, from the Tower Bridge using a zoom lens.
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04/01/04 10:14 AM GMT
WHat a great image, well done
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Clayton H. Bramlett
06/11/04 4:53 AM GMT
I was almost ready to turn the computer off for the night when I saw this image.Outstanding work.The composition and sharpness of night detail really stand out.This is over the top!!!!!
Peace&Respect Jojo
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Laying Easy Somewhere Shade Across My Mind
07/16/04 7:31 PM GMT
great image ... keep up the good work
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09/24/04 6:20 PM GMT
Waterloo Bridge! One of my fave spots in London, great looking the other side aswell.
Nice capture.
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03/30/05 7:25 AM GMT
Great photo, I would love to visit London, maybe one day :) Thanks for sharing.

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05/03/05 11:56 AM GMT
Lovely Image :]
The colours make for a great atmosphere. Ah.. I went on the Eye at night. Much better views then during the day, in my opinion. I love the way London highlights all it's features with spotlights.
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- On wings of ashen gold
05/10/05 5:05 AM GMT
That is a very nice shot.
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06/03/05 8:31 PM GMT
This is sooooooo awesome.. I love this picture a lot! If I get your permission, I'd love to use this as a background image on my livejournal. I'd credit you and all.
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09/24/05 9:49 AM GMT
Exellent pic , love the sky color and all the details that seem to be made of light.
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have a nice day and read more fantasy.
09/30/05 6:24 PM GMT
Great image indeed, great shot angle as you can see the wheel AND big ben.
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10/10/05 8:51 PM GMT
Magnificent shot...whow.
The combined color effect...the framing..-beautiful work.
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life at its best!
10/27/05 4:36 AM GMT
This is so beautiful. I walked down the River Thames about 2 years ago, and it looked nothing like
May be that's because it was during the day there and the lights weren't illuminating every single aspect of the city as this shot did. Amazing job.
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Незнанием будет нега.
11/03/05 12:41 AM GMT
Never been to the U.K. This is pretty cool though. ;D
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11/13/05 9:39 PM GMT
I love this shot its amzing and to evry one whop hasent been london its amazing trust me .this shoot is just perfection to me !
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12/09/05 4:04 PM GMT
a great pic for my desktop... thank U
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( This message is posted from Gods Own Country,Kerala,India )
02/03/06 3:48 AM GMT
truly the city lights and the dark cloudy sky..great job!
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When you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything - Doc Brown
02/03/06 3:49 AM GMT
One of the best shots I have seeing of Night time in London. Great work!
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03/09/06 8:43 AM GMT
Nice pic, very colorful.
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10/23/06 12:26 AM GMT
same shot on girls next door lol
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08/30/07 1:06 AM GMT
Beautiful capture...
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08/28/13 8:53 PM GMT
a beauty
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