At the Dying of the Light #2  

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Uploaded: 09/24/04 2:17 AM GMT
At the Dying of the Light #2
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Ah, the end of a perfect day. As the sunsets overlooking the Yakima River and Rattlesnake Mountain keeps watch in the background one can hear the sounds of evening stirring. I love this time of day; everything seems peaceful, especially after a stressful day.


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09/24/04 10:28 AM GMT
Beautiful photo Michael - very peaceful
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09/24/04 2:42 PM GMT
I really like this photo. Partially because I also love this time of day. The color of the sunlight on the ground and on objects is beautiful as well as it being a peaceful time when the hustle of the daytime life seems to wind down and head for a different set of activities and whole nother side of life starts to show. What a great job capturing this transition! :)
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09/24/04 2:55 PM GMT
Delusionist said it perfectly. I agree. Nice photo.
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09/24/04 7:06 PM GMT
In this picture you managed to capture the essence of the sunset. I love it because I can really feel the atmosphere. Great job!
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10/06/04 5:44 AM GMT
Ahhhhhhhh...the sounds of silence captured in a photo! Well done my friend. You have conveyed what this time of day brings by capturing the light at the exact right moment!
Thank you :))
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Always, Mimi
05/05/05 12:59 AM GMT
not bad but could by better :D
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06/06/05 1:31 AM GMT
Reminds me the "Glory of Solitude."
Yes, quiet .... contemplative. Thanks for sharing PI.
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12/29/05 9:39 AM GMT
I stumbled across this picture at the voting booth - good luck, otherwise I would have missed it! It looks like a painting from an old flemish master... The composition with the river towards the mountains, the setting sun at the right and the illmunated clouds, it is just beautiful. One small point (just to add some critique) is the lens flare at the left - I would have cropped it out. But, anyway, it is a gorgeous image!
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02/25/06 4:07 PM GMT
You have stressful days? I guess so working at a nuclear fuels plant. No wonder you take such beautiful photographs. It's a great escape both for you not to mention us.
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