Blossom Blast  

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Uploaded: 09/30/04 2:06 AM GMT
Blossom Blast
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This dahlia is fresh from a rainstorm. The background was very busy and had a lot of hot spots. No matter what angle I shot from something intruded and ruined the image. Therefore, using a friend and a sheet of mat-board covered with black velvet, held at a slight angle to the camera.


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09/30/04 2:15 AM GMT
oh wow.....that is beautiful Michael. The drops of water and the contrast in colors....and on black too. love this one.
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09/30/04 2:30 AM GMT
BEAUTIFUL... that is an awesome flower... i love the colours in this it really stands out agains the black background... really jumps out at you when on desktop..... 10 from me and fav... well done
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09/30/04 2:45 AM GMT
Great closeup shot. Great angle and lighting.
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09/30/04 3:03 AM GMT
Wow, the vivid colors against the black ground are stunning. Beautiful!
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09/30/04 5:10 AM GMT
Beautiful flower and amazing colors.Nice shot,Michael.
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Carpe diem.
09/30/04 1:52 PM GMT
Absolutely stunning.
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09/30/04 8:04 PM GMT! This is stunning! I don't think I've ever seen this type of flower before, it is gorgeous. And you've captured it so well. The colors are vivid without being garish or stark. Very well taken!
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09/30/04 8:27 PM GMT
A new favorite Michael. Tks
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Hi, I am back!!!
09/30/04 9:47 PM GMT
oh michael... its definitely one of my favorite flower pics of yours!!! wish i could give it more than a ten! 10++++ and into the faves
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10/06/04 6:00 AM GMT
Excellent and clever again! :)) Thanks Michael.....ditto to all above comments!!
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Always, Mimi
03/02/05 8:45 PM GMT
Great shot! The color is so vivid it looks manipulated. Keep up the excellent work!
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04/21/05 8:07 AM GMT
The colour you captured is incredible... keep it up.

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06/05/05 7:46 AM GMT
Blazing! Fiery! Passionate! Powerful! many more words would fit! This is absolutely beautiful!
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08/22/06 6:02 AM GMT
As others above have commented, the colors are so powerful in this image. Nice work!
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09/03/06 4:38 AM GMT
Oh my...I saw this in someone elses favorites and just had to drop a line. This is stunning! The vibrant colors and water drops are perfect. Really quite beautiful. Mother Nature is amazing and so is your capture. This goes into my faves.
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10/10/07 12:23 AM GMT
A stunner!
Great colour and presentation.
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