White Bluffs - Hanford  

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Uploaded: 05/04/06 5:26 AM GMT
White Bluffs - Hanford
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These bluffs border the Columbia River in the Hanford Nuclear Reservation. Because of the needs of Hanford the river there is free flowing. It is the last free flowing section of the river from the Canadian border and Bonneville Dam, which is only about 75 miles from the Pacific Ocean.


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05/04/06 5:55 AM GMT
Even though there is nothing much shown in this image I wonder what makes my eye please so much :):) Ah its the really good sharp focus and the stunning reflections on water I guess. Very good color play also.
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05/04/06 6:32 AM GMT
Very nice shot. I am familiar with the area.
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05/04/06 6:59 AM GMT
Beautiful photo, lovely place. Thanks for sharing.

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05/04/06 8:07 AM GMT
Very beautiful... the clarity is superb & the reflections are amazing. I love the soft ripples in the water. Thank you for sharing some history on this section of river....very interesting.
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Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.....Ralph Waldo Emerson
05/04/06 8:30 AM GMT
I have driven across from this many times but I dont think I ever thought of it as looking pretty..but you have brought out a different kind of beauty. The reflections make this photo very soft on the eyes. Nicely done Michael..V
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To love what you do and feel that it matters--how could anything be more fun?!
05/04/06 11:50 AM GMT
Nice reflection and sloping scene.
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05/04/06 2:51 PM GMT
Beautiful composition! It looks like a postcard.
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05/04/06 3:58 PM GMT
So lovely Michael. Your DOF is amazing on this.
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05/04/06 4:18 PM GMT
WOW...looks like a beautiful and amazing place. Great clarity. I wonder how cold that water is? It looks very inviting.
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05/04/06 5:36 PM GMT
I like how the shot was taken . Gives a nice perspective of the bluffs. Great composition and colors. good job Michael.
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05/04/06 5:58 PM GMT
Excellent photo, Michael. Love the colors of the reflections in the water.
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05/04/06 6:00 PM GMT
What a beautiful image this is Michael! I love the way the bluffs just seem to flow so easily and smoothly. They are such a lovely color also. The water seems so peaceful and serene.
This is not a buys image by any stretch of the imagination, but it certainly is one that would look quite beautiful framed in a lighter brown wood and hanging in someones home. Your comments are always so informative, that it is almost like painless history lessons! Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge as well as the richness of your photography with us :~)
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05/04/06 7:26 PM GMT
A very sharp image of the bluffs - and thanks for the information on the Columbia River. I like the angle of the bluffs and nice color in the straited part. These bluffs look very nice on the desktop. Very good work :>
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05/04/06 7:27 PM GMT
You always amaze me with the colors that you pull out. Bea-u-tiful image!!
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05/04/06 7:38 PM GMT
Very nice shot...the capture of colors is just amazing.
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"It's far more impressive for others to notice your good qualities without your help."
05/04/06 9:22 PM GMT
Rich color and sharp focus! Awesome Michael, well done and high marks!
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God is Love
05/04/06 11:32 PM GMT
What a crystal clear incredible shot Micheal! This is just beautiful! Vicky
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05/05/06 2:49 AM GMT
That water is luxurious. So smoooooooooooooooooth and glassey. This is a simple composition consisting of only three things: water, cliffs and sky. And only you could turn it into a masterpiece. Way ta go Michael.
I like. Tens.
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05/06/06 8:56 AM GMT
Gorgeous shot. Love the glassy surface of the water. Beautiful colors. Nice job.
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05/07/06 2:11 PM GMT
Beautiful color, lighting and composition. Well done.
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View the world with your mind's eye. Mr. Russ
05/08/06 4:57 AM GMT
Very nice image. The colors are wonderful.

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05/12/06 3:06 PM GMT
The Water and Colors are just Incredible!!
EXTREMELY Great Shot!!!
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05/18/06 2:53 AM GMT
Great color and composition. Sharp and attention getting!
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Since we cant change reality. Let us change our eyes in which we percieve reality. Nikos Kazantzakis.
06/03/06 2:53 PM GMT
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06/07/06 10:59 PM GMT
Michael - I was immediately struck by the fine composition and sharp focus. The shot is well framed but the water line at the base of the bluff needs to be aligned a bit better, it needs to be rotated a little clockwise to make it level and parallel to the frame. Fine work.
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Stultum est timere quod vitare non potes.
07/05/06 8:29 PM GMT
The colors are so rich, I found myself staring at it and just enjoying the lighting and getting the feel of what it must have been like to actually be there.
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"Art comes to you proposing frankly to give nothing but the highest quality to your moments as they pass." Walter Pater
09/08/06 10:23 PM GMT
absolutely beautiful...
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09/24/06 3:43 PM GMT
I find this amazingly calm and pretty.
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We are all blessed with imagination. Many are cursed never to use it.
08/13/09 9:59 PM GMT
This is soooo beautiful!
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