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Uploaded: 07/16/14 8:54 AM GMT
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This image was shot last week, (Thanks for all your nice comments.)


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07/16/14 9:08 AM GMT
Good shot of the woodpecker against the blue sky, Don. It looks like he has been very busy on this tree.
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07/16/14 9:33 AM GMT
Not much wood for this little bird. LOL Lovely close up, Don.
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07/16/14 9:33 AM GMT
Looking for insects on the rotten trunk..Nice.R.
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07/16/14 12:41 AM GMT
Very nice!
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07/16/14 12:50 AM GMT
I like how you captured him on the trunk set against the sky,but it looks out of focus to me. Tigs♥ =^..^=
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Nature in all her glory is my uplift on life and so is my love of photography. sandi ♪ ♫
07/16/14 1:08 PM GMT
Good shot of Woody against the sky Don. Well composed shot.
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07/16/14 8:04 PM GMT
Nice capture, Don. Can't beat everything being on diagonals.
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07/16/14 11:03 PM GMT
Looks like he's found a good source of food! Nice one.
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07/17/14 2:31 AM GMT
Terrific capture.
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07/17/14 7:33 AM GMT
Very well captured , Don ! Well done.
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07/17/14 11:24 PM GMT
Wonderful woodpecker image
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07/19/14 1:40 AM GMT
I suspect some camera shake here Don, otherwise a very good shot nicely framed with an apt exposure.
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07/30/14 1:10 AM GMT
Nice composition and lovely colours in this capture, Don. The focus could be stronger.
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