Spring baby  

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Uploaded: 05/09/05 11:31 PM GMT
Spring baby
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Water heavily and feed. A surreal image, as if you didn't know.


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05/10/05 2:22 AM GMT
Great idea! Very well done!
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I'm walking on sunshine! AcrossTheWorld
05/10/05 3:22 AM GMT
I didn't catch the baby on the thumbnail at first but once I did I had to look. Very original, and kinda creepy in a good way.
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05/10/05 9:47 AM GMT
I agree with lellies.
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05/10/05 1:33 PM GMT
I agree with June...very creative and well done...a lovely idea, starting life in a garden too.:Pat.
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05/14/05 11:39 PM GMT
it's certainly an unique idea and i like it.. i admit, i wouldn't keep it as my desktop ( but, i agree, it's kind of creepy :)), but i would in my caedes collection because this stunning image deserves that and the high marks it will get.

it symbolizes new life.. i love the details and the background as well.. those pink roses.. tender and soft.. and the unborn baby.. the lightning is fabulous, btw! i must repeat, the idea is fascinating :) kudos!

thank you for sharing this image with us.. have a nice day :)
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~~~ ...all that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream... ~~~
05/28/05 11:01 PM GMT
Great pic, very interesting!
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05/29/05 12:22 AM GMT
Fairy babies! I agree that this one's a little creepy but done to perfection as usual. A beautiful, nurturing concept
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06/02/05 1:50 AM GMT
This is awesome. I love your surreal images. Personally I would have liked to see more babies in the other flowers *faded of course* but I'm not sure how that would have worked out.
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*~Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen~*
12/16/05 1:25 AM GMT
Very creative and very well done. Nice image.
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"Holy, holy, holy is the lord God Almighty - the one who always was, who is, and who is still to come."
06/11/06 8:33 PM GMT
It's a beautiful and disturbing image. You did well on the color level and shading, it truly looks like a completely real image. What I was impressed with most, was that you chose not to show it's face... it could be any bloom- anywhere. I gave it a well earned 10.
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07/25/06 12:23 AM GMT
I thought they grew in cabbage patches :) Unique presentation and very well executed.
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"Art comes to you proposing frankly to give nothing but the highest quality to your moments as they pass." Walter Pater
10/28/06 11:22 AM GMT
Absolutely amazing! Wonderful job of presenting this child blooming in spring!
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06/22/11 7:36 PM GMT
Great great image!
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