Cuffed To Caedes  

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Uploaded: 02/20/06 2:09 PM GMT
Cuffed To Caedes
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Wanted to make an interesting image that appears to poke out of the background. If you look close, the little caedes spider is on the cuffs, thus the name. Everyday I find myself visiting here as if I'm "cuffed" (but happily) to caedes.


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02/20/06 3:55 PM GMT
I agree Terrence, it is very difficult to stay away from Caedes for even one day! Love the image, excellent work!
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Don't cram everyday so full you can't enjoy the journey.
02/20/06 4:08 PM GMT
Very cute image ! And I completely agree, it's tough to stay away once you've gotten hooked ! Nice job on this !
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02/20/06 5:49 PM GMT
I know the feeling well
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02/20/06 6:05 PM GMT
haha, how very appropriate for alot of us here...great idea and well executed, Terry...good work.:Pat.
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Winter is on my head, but eternal spring is in my heart. (Victor Hugo)
02/20/06 9:55 PM GMT
Oh How well I know the feeling. :) . Thanks Pat
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02/20/06 11:24 PM GMT
Me too Terrence!! Can't get away!! Plus, I heard...this is between me & you...if you try to get away the hunt you down and force you to color Barney pictures for like 7 months. :o
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02/21/06 1:32 AM GMT
I'm with Keith. :)
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02/22/06 4:45 AM GMT
I like this one! Nice spider detail on the cuffs...
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"Let us forever cherish and hold sacred these moments...for it is our undoing ...should we forget..." -William Shakespeare
02/24/06 4:25 PM GMT
Me too, I'm cuffed! This was the COOLEST Komando site of the day!
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04/09/06 9:16 PM GMT
Me too - I always find myself clicking on the address bar and typing in c-a-e-d-e-s-.-n-e-t and then checking out my Jobs and the new images. And this image has really good detail..
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06/02/06 3:14 PM GMT
Excellent work....and so many will relate to this! It is a drug!!!!!!!!! :)
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06/12/06 12:45 AM GMT
Oh, I've had this feeling-I agree with '.sandbrat', I followed Kim's cool site of the day and this is it! And kool spider image on the cuffs. Great creative idea. And I AM HOOKED! :))
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07/20/06 10:35 PM GMT
HEY!! That's me!!

Purrrfect honor to all of us here at!!
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08/16/06 2:07 PM GMT
LOVE it!!!
Tis the Truth!!! :-)
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08/19/06 11:04 AM GMT
Terrence its a nice, good picture and it make us to do more with our camera. Still I am to slow and have to learn a lot about it. So I love to see the work from others on Caedes. So thanks CAEDES exist. Very well done.
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07/21/08 6:16 PM GMT
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12/23/08 6:24 PM GMT
Cool concept
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12/16/09 5:31 AM GMT
wow coool ..really like it
keep it up.
good luck ^_^
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