The lone tree bis  

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Uploaded: 04/29/07 6:24 PM GMT
The lone tree bis
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So you got the choice between a horizontal or a vertical view... ;-)

Exif: Nikon D70 - Nikkor AF18-200 mm at 29 mm - f 16 - 1/80 sec. iso 200


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04/29/07 6:39 PM GMT
I like this one better but in both picture is a lot of depth because of the tree in the distance, only on this one the front is looking better without the fench but that is just me:))
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04/29/07 6:42 PM GMT
... With or without the fence... That's the question!
Thanks Twinkel :-)
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04/29/07 6:57 PM GMT
This one is nice because it pulls my attention directly to the lone tree, but the foreground flowers also capture my attention too. There are such nice complimentary colors in here too as in the others.
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04/29/07 7:34 PM GMT
I like this one ,too!I decided to save both on my desktop..!...:))Thank you,Pierre!
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04/29/07 8:47 PM GMT
what a good idea posting the same view horizontally and vertically! both of them look fantastic!
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04/29/07 9:23 PM GMT
Sorry, I cannot decisively say I prefer one with or without the fence...I also like this one but for different reasons...with the vertical format leading the eye up to that tree and less to view in the image, you get more of the lonely, solitary feeling of that tree...would this be the same lone tree on a hill that was in another image of yours that you shared with us for the fantasy contest?...I also enjoy the closer view of those yellow flowers in this one...great job on both, Pierre.:Pat.
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Due to the recent slow down of the site, my comments and thank you's have been few as it was very time-consuming...will catch up ASAP...meanwhile, a group thank you to all and keep up the great work everyone.
04/29/07 9:28 PM GMT
I cannot decide which one I prefer, maybe the other one as a desktop ;o)
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04/30/07 2:58 AM GMT
I pefer this to the other view...stronger image and though stark, very interesting
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04/30/07 6:40 AM GMT
Hi Pierre,
I had this in VB (Top quotes), it is terrific,
Had a look at the other on too, this is the winning picture to me,
Especially the attention drawing tree on the horizon makes this picture to me, I think the vertical picture draws more attention to this key-tree,

Thanks for sharing
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04/30/07 7:19 AM GMT
My Choice would be this one , great shot .
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04/30/07 9:26 AM GMT
beautiful image
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04/30/07 1:09 PM GMT
Both your Lone Tree pix are great Pierre. The vertical aspect and the absence of the fence makes this one look more lonely than the other. Without the fence this appears to have more depth too.
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04/30/07 2:07 PM GMT
Aaah! Very interesting to read your feedbacks. Thanks a lot :-)
I worked with Aperture priority and setted it at f16 to increase the DoF.
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04/30/07 6:23 PM GMT
Great landscape.
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Look around and catch it ; the Art is there !
04/30/07 11:28 PM GMT
i prefer this one, dunno why... the tree looks kind of loney back there
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05/04/07 5:24 AM GMT
I like both the vertical and horizontal, but this one wins for me. It puts more focus on that beautiful tree in the background and gives me the sense of a going on a long, serene journey through the flowers to get there.
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05/04/07 2:50 PM GMT
keep up the good work!
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05/06/07 7:49 AM GMT
Pierre, what I DO like about this particular shot is how the eye is immediately drawn from the close-up of the yellow field of flowers, right up to the 3-D effect and on to the lone tree! It made me just adore the tree, so each of the photos have much to offer us onlookers, but I like the horizontal best of all. I think maybe this verical could have been enhanced just a tiny bit by some delicate framing..Verena
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07/19/10 1:41 AM GMT
Superb depth of field on this image, well composed and very creative. Top marks.
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