Ethnic (reworked)  

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Uploaded: 03/20/08 8:52 PM GMT
Ethnic (reworked)
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Thanks to Kinglan, I reworked his beautiful portrait.
Fortunately, he sent to me the original capture in RAW format. I tried to give some softness in the B/W tones.
Hope you'll like it :-)
>Link for the original capture


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03/20/08 8:55 PM GMT
Wonderful rework. You made the most of this beautiful piece. Kudos!
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03/20/08 10:20 PM GMT
Pierre, thanks for the pointers on this one. You've definitely given it a much softer tone, easier to look at. Feel free to give me any more pointers in the future, I greatly appreciate it!
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03/20/08 10:21 PM GMT
Very nice rework of Kinglan's poignant portrait. It's great that someone who does these National Geographic "Afghan Girl" type shots. Should edit this one. Pierre, you do these portraits so well. Great work by both of you.
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03/20/08 10:51 PM GMT
Simply Beautiful !
Great Work.

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03/20/08 11:28 PM GMT
Excellent rework. She's a beautiful girl, and the portrait is top notch, now.

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03/21/08 4:46 AM GMT
A very beautiful portrait: both the subject and the photographic art! Well done!
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03/21/08 11:07 AM GMT
A good rework Pierre
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03/21/08 12:33 AM GMT
Thanks guys and thanks Kinglan for this nice portrait :-)
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03/21/08 5:14 PM GMT
Beautiful portrait...excellent combination of subject and background. The shawl is also good. The only jarring element in the photo is that oddly cabled knitted "sleeve", exposing the bare shoulder. Looks too modern, even trendy, for the photo, ditto the neckline showing below the shawl. (I'd like this photo to take me back to very early America, and I can't imagine the Ananzi using knitting needles, although I could be wrong.) All that said, the overwhelming good elements of this photograph ought to win awards and I hope it is exhibited.
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03/21/08 8:27 PM GMT
Wow! Very nice portrait of this lovely lady. Good highlight and shadow tones.
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03/21/08 10:04 PM GMT
this pic rocks. just a cool shot
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03/21/08 10:59 PM GMT
much much better, but the shot already is wonderful!
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03/22/08 6:37 AM GMT
superb picture!!!..and your rework is truly remarkable! certainty grow rich its value!..My compliments to Ian and you!
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03/24/08 6:40 PM GMT
She is just gorgeous, your work is wonderful!
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Loving my new job!
03/25/08 10:00 PM GMT
genuine beauty!
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03/26/08 3:25 PM GMT
Stunning work, Both the original composition and the re-worked version above are excellent. 10/10 to you both.

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03/27/08 10:33 PM GMT
GORGEOUS rework! It really speaks. You've done very well with this one. Thanks for sharing. :)
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03/27/08 11:55 PM GMT
They say portraits are the hardest photographs to take. This one is stellar, excellent photojournalism!
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03/28/08 3:59 PM GMT
wow, that is really nice. Her eyes are soulful and she is very pretty herself. i have to say, i like this version more than the original(sorry) Merely because it is softer and makes her look not so harsh. Very Nice
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03/28/08 4:43 PM GMT
Kinglan's original capture in RAW format was wonderful too. Thanks!
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03/31/08 7:58 AM GMT
Beautiful work Pierre. I like this one a lot.

A fine composition to work with, provided by Ian's eye. So, a split on the kudos. ;o)

Thanks to both of you for sharing this one with us. Love images such as this one.

^5's Ian as well.
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04/02/08 2:07 AM GMT
This is a great portrait, excellent rework! I really like the black and white. Thank you for sharing... carissa :D
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04/27/08 2:52 PM GMT
i really like that.. good job!
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09/28/09 8:02 PM GMT
Now that is a result.. wow! It is much more beautiful with the soft tones. Mich
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