Black Widow  

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Uploaded: 03/28/17 8:37 AM GMT
Black Widow
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Leaving Lepidoptera - please, don't touch the display, little boy. Aha cute! Moving to the next aisle we have Arachnida, the spiders, our.. finest collection. This friendly little devil is the Heptathelidae, unfortunately harmless. Next to him, the nasty Lycosa Raptoria, his tiny fangs cause creeping ulcerations of the skin (laugh). And here, my prize, the Black Widow. Isn't she lovely? And so deadly. Her kiss is fifteen times as poisonous as that of the rattlesnake. You see her venom is highly neurotoxic, which is to say that it attacks the central nervous system causing intense pain, profuse sweating, difficulty in breathing, loss of consciousness, violent convulsions and, finally ... death. You know what I think I love the most about her is her inborn need to dominate, possess. In fact, immediately after the consummation of her marriage to the smaller and weaker male of the species, she kills and eats him (laugh). Oh, she is delicious ... and I hope he was! Such power and dignity - unhampered by sentiment. If I may put forward a slice of personal philosophy, I feel that man has ruled this world as a stumbling demented child-king long enough! And as his empire crumbles, my precious Black Widow shall rise as his most fitting successor! ~lyrics by Alice Cooper, Bob Ezrin, narrated by Vincent Price


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03/28/17 8:38 AM GMT
Every spring, the local news puts out a reminder to people about the Brown Recluse spider. It got me thinking about spiders. And, no shade to the Brown Recluse, but I think that there are very few venomous spiders out there that capture the mass imagination of people in quite the same way as that of the Black Widow.

This is certainly not my best work ever. But it was fun! ~ Lisa
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03/28/17 9:00 AM GMT
It is not always the male Lisa. There are other species where the female is stronger and is the leader - hyenas, orcas, honeybees, ants etc. - "Stumbling demented child-king" somehow makes me think of some of the world leaders past and present. A black widow tattoo on the left upper arm and the males will shy away afraid and trembling :):) Very nice and clear shot of this dangerous creature.
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Smooth seas do not make skilful sailors.
03/28/17 9:01 AM GMT
---Isn't she lovely? And so deadly.---

Thanks Lisa, for bringing me undoubtedly me a sleepless night, because I was that stupid to enlarge your image of this 'friendly' and 'handsome' critter even bigger than full screen size, scaring me almost to death, ☺ ☺ ☺ .
Just kidding of course, because I was intrigued by its appearance (luckily only at my screen). I can't agree with your 'statement' in your additional comment that it's not your best work, because is a perfect one. I agree however that it was fun to me as well watching it. Your sense of humor is priceless. Thanks for the smile, my friend.
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03/28/17 10:22 AM GMT
Lisa, I see Skeletor embedded in your post today and Walter Scott's famous words came to me, "Oh, what a tangled web we weave...when first we practice to deceive."

Her kiss may be fatal, but, oh, what a way for the male to show he lives/lived his life ruled by heart and not brains. I wonder, what if our Black Widow had blue hair and could blow a kiss, would she be more or less dangerous to mankind?

Once again you have given us a wonderfully fun, and educational, post.
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03/28/17 12:29 AM GMT
That's done it ! Put the tin hat on it so to speak. My fear of spiders (yes I have been bitten with nasty results) is now raging at force 100.
I have looked, admired, appreciated, and learned - so that must be good. But now I shall retreat with the hope that my slumbers will not be plagued by Arachnida, real or imagined.
Excellent work Lisa :)
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My thanks to all who leave comments for my work and to those of you who like one enough to make it a favourite. To touch just one person that way makes each image worthwhile. . . . . . . . . .. . . . "The question is not what you look at, but what you see" ~ Marcel Proust
03/28/17 2:35 PM GMT
WOW! Terrific work.
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03/28/17 2:39 PM GMT
This is a good one Lisa, and great reminder to avoid these nasty, but yet fascinating creatures. tigs=^..^=
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Nature in all her glory is my uplift on life and so is my love of photography. sandi ♪ ♫
03/28/17 6:06 PM GMT
Raj - I have no tattoos, left arm or otherwise. I have freckles. But good info to know! Tucks that away in my mental trivia file.
C - Awww, thank you! And sorry for the heebie-jeebies.
John - Apples and oranges. Life is a diamond of many facets. Not all facets reflect the wearer of the jewel.
Lyn - Hugs Lyn for her bravery. Sweet dreams! Max will protect you!
Carol - Thank you! :)
Sandi - I admire spiders as natural engineers. And I think the way they move is cool. But I much prefer admiring them from a safe distance. They give me the willies if they sneak up on me.
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03/28/17 9:44 PM GMT
"Lookout, here comes the weirdo", he said while looking at a mirror.

Part of my affinity for our beloved site lies in the logo and all that that represents.

For me..

Childhood memories of seeking out and capturing spiders.

Learning about their web constructions.. and the 'secret' strand that led to their ambush or hiding spot.

Remarkable colourings and colourations.

And and..

So.. not fear, here. More that of respect for the amazing creatures that they are and their role in their respective ecosystems.

Your image.

Amazing work on the web aspect. In case you were unawares and had designs or inspirations to do another arachnid-centered piece.. Apophysis fits that creative bill well (not the best example, but, should get the idea across).

And equally amazing work on the black widow itself.

Good.. good.. stuff.

+favs for me.
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03/28/17 10:15 PM GMT
I think that most of us guys have had a run-in with her , the strongest of us live to tell the tale. We have materials shipped in from all over on pallets and had an employee bitten by a spider only to learn that it was indeed a Brown Recluse after a trip to the hospital after a nasty infection. They do not survive the winter but we still keep a close lookout all of the time. Great image.
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03/28/17 10:46 PM GMT
(Looks in the mirror with purmusic. ~~~~ Waves)

(Elbows purmusic) "Dammit, man! I told you the word was eccentric!!"
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03/29/17 6:43 PM GMT
Do be careful, Tom! Of the 8-legged Recluse and 2-legged Black Widow. :)
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03/31/17 2:33 AM GMT
The background is wonderful and the added touch of the spider leaving a shadow on the web makes it the more convincing. Good work!
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Life's moments are sweet. I just want to capture all that I can of them.
03/31/17 7:21 PM GMT

Just like a woman to hog the vanity and mirror..

(*turns and runs for the hills.. like the wind!*)

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04/05/17 3:44 PM GMT

- Methinks I'm not the only one who isn't into puppies, CareBears, and My Little Phonies...

Nice job...Faved...
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04/06/17 3:51 AM GMT
Points at the image. Looks at Ron.

Not foofy. :)

P.S. - Dude, I like puppies! Who the hell doesn't like puppies?
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04/06/17 7:23 AM GMT
I used to date a girl with a nick-name like that...(However..I didn't hang around long!

A good intro, although we do not have these it always wary to be careful...
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04/17/17 8:52 PM GMT
Huuuummmm..... how many legs did you say 8? Think I like the Black Widow with two legs more least she does't eat you Looolllll. Great image but think you can guess I don't like creepy crawly (and as for Les hoop he does not end up as lunch somewhere). Nice work


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11/27/17 3:28 AM GMT
These spiders are very common around here and I don't pay them much attention. A few observations from living around them are: They're always found hanging upside down, with the red hourglass up. Always. The only time you'll see one upright like in your illustration, is if it's been knocked out of it's web and is on the ground. And they hate that. Really, really hate it. They're extremely poor walkers and are very vulnerable upright. Also, the webs are much less dense than your take, sometimes only a few strands. Last, they're one of the least aggressive spiders you'll find and always run for cover if something large touches their web, like my bare feet. Now if you want to see some really scary spiders, check out the Brazilian Wandering spider, or the Sydney funnel-web spider. Yikes.
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11/29/17 12:29 AM GMT
Honestly, I was just kind of goofing around on this one, Russ. I didn't research it for realism (though I am now genuinely intrigued with your observations of their behavior).

On this image, I was more interested in the challenge of creating a screaming skull within the web.
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