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This butterfly’s natural camouflage is looking like a leaf.


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10/17/07 4:09 AM GMT
Incredible macro Robert. Indeed, the thumbnail appeared to be a leaf. I have never seen a butterfly with this unique coloration. Soft, muted pastel colors. I am going to attempt to find out what type this beauty is unless you know? thanks for sharing this with me. To my favorites it goes ;=)
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10/17/07 4:52 AM GMT
Just so you know...this is amazing...and you did an amazing job capturing it. Exquisite shot, beautifully done :)

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"Let the world change you...and you can change the world."- Motorcycle Diaries
10/17/07 6:29 AM GMT
Fantastic! I didn't know they were more than just brown. Great macro shot.
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10/17/07 11:14 AM GMT
Absolutely WOWSERS!!!
Great macro shot of a stunning little creature.
+ fav
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* Gabrielle *
10/17/07 1:44 PM GMT
Straight to my butterfly collection! Another one I've never seen.
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10/17/07 3:35 PM GMT
Fantastic shot, Bob, but . . . of what? Can you tell us more about it? No one's ever seen anything like it, I daresay.
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10/17/07 10:10 PM GMT
Amazing...and not only a leaf, but a fall one at that!!

♫ :)PJ ♪

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"I never looked for it, gave it no name; yet I knew it always, when the gift of peace came. I stood quite still for the moment that it lasted...Then the light shifted slightly and the moment passed, leaving me...with the lasting echo of its presence.." Diana Gabaldon
10/17/07 10:16 PM GMT
I love the markings and colours on the wings, they look like a finely woven tapestry. It's so poetic and unusual. Fantastic macro Bob. + faves
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10/19/07 1:06 AM GMT
WOW what a shot and what an interesting butterfly. I got this in the VB and had to come and comment.
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10/19/07 4:50 PM GMT
What a fantastic macro shot. A truly beautiful butterfly beautifully photographed.
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10/21/07 9:33 PM GMT
Maybe it's a leaf Butterfly? I dunno? But thats one perfect shot of her, She's beautiful. Thanks for sharing
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10/22/07 10:20 PM GMT
Gorgeous opaque coloring. I am glad it stayed to have its picture taken =o)
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I want to sail away into the night sky.
10/24/07 4:59 AM GMT
Simply stunning.
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02/07/08 4:05 AM GMT
OoOoOoOo... my gOd...
whay i don't see it?
thank you, thank you :-D
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05/02/08 8:14 PM GMT
very unusual colors for a leaf wait a minute....
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if we didn't have stupid people who would we laugh at?
12/13/09 7:50 PM GMT
♫♫♫|׺°”˜`”°º××××Magnificent Shot×××׺°”˜`”°º×|♫♫♫
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єvєrч dαч ís α gíft.....thαt ís whч ít ís cαllєd thє prєsєnt!

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