Pacific Sunset  

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Uploaded: 08/23/05 3:32 AM GMT
Pacific Sunset
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Just another average evening


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08/23/05 2:41 PM GMT
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08/23/05 5:54 PM GMT
Beautiful.. How I miss this kind of evening.. Thank you..
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One bead at a time..
09/11/05 3:56 PM GMT

I wish I lived where this was average!

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I thought I had something clever to say.
10/27/05 2:39 PM GMT
The colors on this photo are breathtaking. Such an awesome shot. Great job!
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03/09/06 7:12 AM GMT
When I see this pic a phrase comes to mind 'God the master painter'. Great shot :)
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08/06/06 10:58 AM GMT
Great shot of the sunset over the pacfic coast! Thanks for sharing it with us..
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---Life is Short---So make it count--Take alot of pictures---
08/06/06 5:27 PM GMT
Awesome pic@
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08/07/06 4:34 AM GMT
I can't believe this is not maipulation, mother nature rocks!
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09/07/06 2:31 AM GMT
And I thought the panhandle of Florida had good sunsets. This one beats 'em all.
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09/11/06 3:25 PM GMT
i can't beliveee itttt
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11/25/06 8:56 AM GMT
There is NEVER an average evening like this on the Pacific Ocean my friend! They are each and every one magnificient!!! What beauty, nothing can compare!! But I wonder why none of the sunset colours are reflected in the water, thats very very unusual... Wow...Verena
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"Simplicity is Elegance" Henry David Thoreau

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