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The need to feed...


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04/23/06 7:25 AM GMT
im the person who comments 2 minutes after you post =P ...its a gr8 render with the eagle(?) (im no bird watcher). You shoulda tried getting more of a birds eye view. But half the comments I make probably make the image worse.
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Weeeeee, flying is fun. Watching Star Trek is funner!
04/23/06 11:58 AM GMT
This is an incredible image and quite beautiful. I feel as though I am right up there with that bird :) Nice one!!
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Keep your face to the sunshine and you can not see the shadows. It's what sunflowers do - Helen Keller
04/23/06 1:59 PM GMT
That is Awsome shot Russ!
We have Bald Eagles all over Florida. They are just stunning to watch.
You captured a really Great shot of this one!!!
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04/23/06 5:20 PM GMT
this capture is awesome, really great angle on the eagle!
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04/23/06 6:42 PM GMT
I've never seen one that close, upside down, but I have seen Ospreys that way for a couple seconds, as they go into a dive. Otherwise, I would have thought it was superimposed, on the scenery. Either way, it's an excellent shot.
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05/09/06 5:41 PM GMT
Absolutely beautiful! Love the 3D effect with super clarity. The colors are awesome. Love the color ranging from purple to pale blues. That mountain in the front is fantastic - and the 'hunter' has wonderful wingspan. Fine work on this. And your gallery is filled with wonder!
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05/16/06 2:16 PM GMT
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08/31/06 10:21 PM GMT
Nice creation.
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09/19/06 11:37 PM GMT
Really good job you've done here. Especially in the choice of the angle. Bravo !
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09/23/06 6:30 PM GMT
I just brought this up as wallpaper again. This is really a cool render Russ. The perspective is way cool!
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10/11/07 12:15 AM GMT
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12/11/07 5:08 AM GMT
Beautiful job Russ.
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09/25/10 10:39 PM GMT
Very imaginative!!!
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