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This are 2 Cormorants on their nest. I know they were very close so I didn't have to zoom in a lot, but they were great posers. I visited them in Living Coasts in Torquay while we stopped there for one night. We've been in Torquay for over 10 or 15 times now but this was the first time we saw that this coastal zoo was open for visitors. If you are in the neighbourhood I really suggest this because it is really amazing. The african pinguins are fed on the path were you walk and they try to eat your toes and clothes, like I could experience myself. They also have magnificent seabirds living there, except a puffin, which I'm waiting for to see and photograph it for a long time. For more information you can visit the website: Nick


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08/20/07 8:09 PM GMT
Hi Nick,
The title suggests a lot,
Makes me wonder why they are turn their heads away from each other,
They are either in a serious fight or they have both seen something extraordinary interesting each on their's site of the nest,
Or maybe they are just interested in your camera and do not want to get stuck into each others peckers,
Nicely done,

Thanks for sharing
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08/20/07 9:44 PM GMT
Nice perspetive on this, and I like the tones. It`s a very unusual bird shot and I think it`s very good.

Ian :)
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08/20/07 10:02 PM GMT
Great shot Tim, I love the comp. Very well done.
Also love the clarity on the right one's eye.
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08/20/07 10:05 PM GMT
they are just like mirror images Nick! a wonderful capture! I am glad you found the zoo - plenty of opportunities to capture some amazing photos!
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08/21/07 1:44 AM GMT
ha ha I love this. You caught them in a not talking moment I think, two mins before you arrived they were arguing about who was meant to bring the fish home for tea. You have clicked just after they have both said Fine to each other :))

What a great capture this is. Brilliant Nick.
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Very very new to this, and only have a bog standard fuji 2mb digi camera.
08/21/07 2:56 AM GMT
synchronized are noticed !! :)

♥PJ 005

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