Across the bridge  

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Uploaded: 02/11/04 2:29 PM GMT
Across the bridge
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Bridge over a stream outside my hometown. New weekly upload to Lapland Postcard


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02/11/04 5:46 PM GMT
Lovely dark winter tones. I get the impression that your country gets the most beautiful winters in the world with your forests and streams and all. =)
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- Loyal Caedes Fanatic
02/11/04 7:14 PM GMT
This is as beautiful as winter can be. :) You simply make the best winter shots Samuel. :) It's not so beautiful sown here in South of Sweden Matthew... It's only up in North of Sweden it gets this good. ^_^ Damn, they get aurora borealis too. It's not fair... =)
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02/11/04 7:48 PM GMT
Fantastic winter scene
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02/11/04 9:28 PM GMT
The snow looks so heavy on that bridge. It's looks like it's sagging too. Great shot!
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02/12/04 12:07 AM GMT
Simply beautiful.
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There are three colours, Ten digits and seven notes, its what we do with them thats important. Ruth Ross
02/13/04 8:50 AM GMT
Very effective use of BW. Lovely reflections help the great composition. A beautiful desktop.
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02/13/04 1:55 PM GMT
A real beauty!
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02/13/04 4:30 PM GMT
wow, dark and cold! a great capture and a gorgeous view! outstanding piece yet again Sam!^^
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02/17/04 10:26 AM GMT
Im really glad to see all the nice comments. Thank you all very much...and god bless!
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~Samuel Arnfjell~
11/06/04 5:50 PM GMT
i like it
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01/22/05 5:46 PM GMT
Just thought I'd let you know that I'm a big fan of your works so far and that this is one of my favorites. Never stop doing what you're doing!
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02/01/05 12:17 AM GMT
Thank you lebeke1 and Sarah....:-)
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~Samuel Arnfjell~
07/13/05 12:07 AM GMT
I just love this picture. The snow really makes the place look magical, and it makes me wonder where the path leads to, and what a beautiful walk it would make in the snow. Very good in my opinion!
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|-|g߿ - I may be lonely, but I'm never alone...
08/30/05 3:58 AM GMT
Lovely capture Samuel!!
Peace&Respect Jojo
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Laying Easy Somewhere Shade Across My Mind
10/21/05 1:48 PM GMT
peaceful mood. wonderful
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10/30/06 2:58 PM GMT
Brilliant scene! Every patch of the place is covered by snow, its a clearer view(a zoom-in) of the snowy scene.
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10/05/07 11:17 AM GMT
Another beautiful snow scene.
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