Dare to Dream  

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Uploaded: 06/16/06 1:36 PM GMT
Dare to Dream
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A colorful, fantasy that includes the beautiful stock imagery of Andrzej Burak of (Poland). To see the original stock image - "Day" - visit iStockPhoto.


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06/16/06 2:58 PM GMT
I would imagine this is your contest entry! Excellent job! Good luck!
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"Let us forever cherish and hold sacred these moments...for it is our undoing ...should we forget..." -William Shakespeare
06/16/06 5:29 PM GMT
Great job on this! Pretty girl and lovely colors. Great idea!
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06/16/06 5:41 PM GMT
A beautiful image .... lovely bright colors. Best of luck to you in the contest.
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Friends are like shining stars. You may not always see them, but you know they are always there for you.
06/16/06 7:44 PM GMT
This one is absolutely beautiful!
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06/16/06 8:09 PM GMT
Thanks Calsgal... it looks great on the desktop too. Plenty of room for your icons if you have tons on your screen like I do. ROFL :) Appreciate the nice comments everybody!
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"The promise of tomorrow is not a guarantee, so I shall live for today and live for me." -- Smoosh
06/17/06 2:53 PM GMT
Smoosh your work is gorgeously enchanting. I wonder, is the girl a self-portrait? I tend to prefer to comment on the photos submitted to this site, but your art really caught my eye. Its amazing. It exudes talent.
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It's better to have a living dog, than a dead lion.
06/18/06 1:46 AM GMT
this is really amazing!! io really like the colors it looks so natural!!!
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06/18/06 7:17 AM GMT
Hi Smoosh! Great idea/theme for the dream contest! Love the colors! Great way to jump in here at Caedes! Best wishes in the contest!
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The Voting Booth is your friend..........:)
06/18/06 12:33 AM GMT
Great colors and design on this image! Very lovely and dreamlike. Good luck in the contest..=)
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"Some painters transform the sun into a yellow spot, others transform a yellow spot into the sun -Pablo Picasso My Gallery
06/19/06 2:42 AM GMT
That is really a beautiful composition.
I really like the "suns" by the left eye. The coloring is incredible.
This is "Designer" type stuff!!! Sweet.
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06/22/06 5:52 AM GMT
This is very pretty. I especially like the work around the eye. Perhaps I will dare to dream something, inspiring indeed!! Amaris
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06/25/06 11:46 PM GMT
this very nice, i mean, being a guy, i don't really think i'd use it, but it is very creative. good job Smoosh.
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07/02/06 6:12 PM GMT
How pretty! I love the message, very inspiring. ;D
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What we do in life, echoes in eternity..
07/02/06 8:30 PM GMT
I love the bold colors in this and the very nice dynamics of how the image is composed.
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07/04/06 8:10 PM GMT
Hai Smoosh,
piew, you're an artist! i,me sure you do well in the contest! good luck,
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07/05/06 7:47 PM GMT
Very pretty image, I'm a sucker for bright colors and you most definetely indulge me here! I really like the make up on the lady and the look on her face, I think it comes to perfect accord with your inspiring message! Best of luck at the contest!
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Would you like one ?
09/07/06 8:26 PM GMT
BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!! I LOVE bright colors! You defintely caught my eye!
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Remember, I will still be here, As long as you hold me, in your memory Remember, when your dreams have ended, Time can be transcended, Just remember me I am the one star that keeps burning, so brightly, It is the last light, to fade into the rising sun I'm with you, Whenever you tell, My story, For I am all I've done Remember, I will still be here, As long as you hold me, in your memory, Remember me I am that one voice, in the cold wind, That whispers, And if you listen, you'll hear me call across the sky As long as, I still can reach out, and touch you, Then I will never die Remember, I'll never leave you, If you will only, Remember me Remember me... Remember, I will still be here, As long as you hold me, In your memory Remember, When your dreams have ended, Time can be transcended, I live forever, Remember me Remember me, Remember... me...
03/12/07 3:41 PM GMT
Wow I Like It
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05/14/07 11:15 PM GMT
Beautiful image with a reminder of an important message in the title - albeit one rarely stated in full. Isn't it odd how an inaccurate statement can come to signify and communicate the idea it really fails to capture? (This has nothing to do with the image, obviously - it has just started an unrelated train of thought via the most tenuous of connexions...)

- cfr
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