Here it is!! :Tutorial:  

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Uploaded: 02/21/07 10:39 AM GMT
Here it is!! :Tutorial:
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You've seen my awesome work, you've wanted to know how i do it and i haven't spoken a word, and now, i'm unveiling something i will use in future works!

This wasn't created by me, i just added pictures and expanded the tutorial, it was made by my friend (chumly_12) who i've been teaching photoshop to, he was just mucking around and came up with this! Congrats too him :)


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02/21/07 2:04 PM GMT
Very nice tutorial, Dave, and I know that you're burning up from the summer heat, but I hope to heat things up even more after I use this technique !! I gobble up all the tutorials I can get my hands on ...thanks and thanks to your equally talented friend.


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02/21/07 4:12 PM GMT
Very Nice. It reminds me of something that you would see from the movie The RING.
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02/21/07 5:21 PM GMT
Very interesting - looks as though this sort of technique could produce some very nice effects. Now, the question is: will this transfer to gimp in a sufficiently straightforward way for _me_ to figure it out??

Thanks a lot for this.

- cfr
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02/22/07 3:48 AM GMT
I see and I am impressed. I look forward to more secret Dave business revealed through tutorials.
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02/22/07 4:21 AM GMT
real helpful dave, im sure it will help you produce more brilliant works
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02/23/07 10:26 AM GMT
Thanks Davie, as soon as I get home I'm off to try it out!

Gem xx
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02/25/07 12:27 AM GMT
Hi luv!

Thanks for sharing! I'll try it.

Captain Cal
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03/01/07 6:14 AM GMT
Whoa, this is really really nice!
I'm still new and haven't encountered many people, but thank you for uploading this!
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03/07/07 11:09 AM GMT
Dave ... you and your friend outdid yourselves on this one.

Providing some inspiration to try some new stuff? Priceless.

Thanks very much for this one. It is worth it's weight in non-bubbling bubble gum ... and then some. :oP

Kidding, of course. This is a welcomed addition to the tutorial section in my mind.
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05/09/07 11:59 AM GMT
I shall be trying this soon
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01/16/08 3:23 AM GMT
yay im the friend... litterally it was time to reveal myself, and though i made this, i never really use it.
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02/19/08 7:57 AM GMT
created one
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I comment only on the photos I like. So congratulations if you see this*~* Gallery *~*
01/17/09 5:32 AM GMT
Cool tutorial!
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