A cool starfield  

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A cool starfield
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At first this might seem dumb, but just use it. I think you'll like it.


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07/03/02 2:35 PM GMT
hey this wallpaper is not so bad.....
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07/06/02 9:39 AM GMT
Its simple but yet it has a cirtain quality that makes it calming to look at... I like it :).
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09/14/02 11:21 PM GMT
Is perfectly capable of interpolated collusion...
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10/17/02 2:19 AM GMT
i feel like i'm lost in space, and to say the least i kind of like it.
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11/05/02 3:26 PM GMT
I like it...when I get bored I look for constilations in it.. :)
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"I think therefore I am."-Voltaire

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12/09/02 8:12 AM GMT
I agree with Northwall and I would like to add that it looks like someone shook dandruff on a black piece of paper.
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12/09/02 10:13 AM GMT
Yeah I was kinda wondering about some of those comments. :-) It's not supposed to be really special and complex though. If you just want a starfield as your wallpaper then this is the best I've seen.
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01/23/03 6:04 AM GMT
Actually, I meditate often. And believe it or not, you can look very deeply into this starfield. It gives the most satisfying feeling of space that I have yet seen. And, no, I don't bootlick. I calls em as I sees em.
Besides, I'm a minister. Why would I lie?

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03/27/03 5:01 PM GMT
This is very cool. I suppose it could be a meditation definitely looks like it could do the job.
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Feel free to point, stare, and talk amongst yourselves.
04/24/03 8:06 PM GMT
If you stare at the picture closely you can see that there are images contained within the stars.
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06/02/03 1:19 AM GMT
wow...I really like this. from simplicity everything is born. more than appears to the eye.

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06/08/03 2:56 AM GMT
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06/08/03 5:18 PM GMT
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06/15/03 5:58 AM GMT
cool, but yeah, was it made in paint?
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07/04/03 12:05 AM GMT
it goes well with the star field screen saver
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07/26/03 3:39 AM GMT
Someone needs Selsun Blue for the bad dandruff. No offense to the creator, but you could have at least put some light mapping or sprites in there somewhere to keep it from looking like it was made in paint.
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08/14/03 2:39 AM GMT
I like this. To any people who complain about how it looks like it was made in paint, you're totally missing the point of this image. Its not supposed to be complicated and have any sprites or light mapping. If you look at the sky at night, you wont see much other than some pinpricks of white light (and the occasional airplane)

No point in making things more complicated than they need to be.
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08/16/03 8:09 PM GMT
It seems a bit....*yawn*....boring...
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08/19/03 1:05 AM GMT
OMG............its so............nice i supose
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08/24/03 5:22 AM GMT
It was made in Photoshop. Add some gaussian, monochromatic (amount about 25 or so) noise to a black background. Lazy, lazy Caedes ;D
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09/07/03 2:12 AM GMT
this is very cool
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09/10/03 10:29 AM GMT
gr8 picture...they're all gr8
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10/06/03 7:58 AM GMT
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10/14/03 2:53 PM GMT
its very simple but it looks good =)
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10/20/03 7:29 PM GMT
I like this,very good
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carpe diem
11/01/03 6:23 PM GMT
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11/02/03 7:46 AM GMT
that was kinda funny about the dandruf on the paper
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11/13/03 4:55 AM GMT
This is cool.
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11/16/03 11:14 PM GMT
spells.......a little different but, hey different's good....meditate with it....
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11/20/03 10:12 PM GMT
Honestly, how does this have such a high c-index? :P
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12/01/03 9:43 AM GMT
Fix the T.V.!
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12/09/03 12:50 AM GMT
a very accurate starfield, brilliant accuracy, maybe a nebula would look right in it
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02/19/04 1:03 AM GMT
WOW!!! impressive. i put this on the computer at home, and my dad really likes it. i use it every so often, just because it's cool. sure, there's better stuff, but not much.

"This above all: to thine own self be true." -William Shakspeare
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03/05/04 12:28 AM GMT
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03/05/04 9:49 PM GMT
simple yet looks complex.....kOoL, i like it!!!
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what did the traffic light say to the car? Hey don't look, i'm changing!
03/12/04 7:03 PM GMT
i really love this ..... it's simple but its not
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03/12/04 7:06 PM GMT
i really love this ..... it's simple but its not
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03/16/04 7:56 PM GMT
Very cool... ;)...i like it very much...
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-Pick a goal and care about the place you are at- Cem Karahan
03/25/04 8:38 AM GMT
i had to pick up my resolution in order to see the stars more clearly, but once i did, POW. wow.
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~None needs a smile so much as he who has no more left to give~
06/29/04 4:22 AM GMT
The simplicity of it is what makes it so complex. ...I think :-P. I like it. Good job!
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07/16/04 11:07 AM GMT
Great image! I'll be here all day trying to count all these stars...hehe! High marks and thanks for sharing this image!
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Love your neighbor, it will drive 'em crazy!
07/20/04 3:33 AM GMT
Well...What is there to say about this one....honestly.......

I suppose it isn't bad for computers with poor graphics cards, but anyone could easily create this. I suppose I could easily create a computer program to randomly plot thousands of pixels of slight luminosity changes on a large screen and get the same effect. But not too bad, and I highly doubt this is MS-Paint ;) and dont DIS the MS PAINT! :D it takes real skills to do something in that! lol
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~Anet h-rk Ra-Keprer-Atum ~Teher Ra, Teher t!
08/19/04 5:08 PM GMT
Although it kind of looks interesting, I can't believe how high the c-index
We should be honest in saying that it wasn't exactly an image with a whole lot of effort, its in bryce, set the star ammount to high, set intensity to somewhat low, and viola!
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~Anet h-rk Ra-Keprer-Atum ~Teher Ra, Teher t!
08/19/04 11:54 PM GMT
It's kind of mesmerizing, I like it.
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Perhaps the ending has not yet been written...
08/23/04 2:07 AM GMT
Reminds me of a lake I saw recently, it seems to be moving. The only problem is that my capture of the lake doesn't move, and this does. :-)
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09/05/04 7:52 PM GMT
was this done with paint or something?
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10/26/04 8:09 PM GMT
There's been so much to say about such a simple pic.. I'm with the "what's up with the ridiculously high c-index" posse, I think.. Then again, I always wanted to know if anyone actually used those "add noise" functions for any real purpose...
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11/13/04 1:51 PM GMT
finally someone else who appreciates "less is more" well done
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11/16/04 4:41 AM GMT
Ah ha! This is what I've been looking for!
*stops making separate starfields for all his pics*

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12/14/04 9:41 PM GMT
me like
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12/17/04 7:13 AM GMT
totally kewl!!!!!!!!!!!
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01/04/05 12:45 AM GMT
Nice work. It's a little plain, but thats the point I suppose...
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01/10/05 6:28 PM GMT
Good job. I took a starfield photo from a top New Found Gap in the Smoky Mountains at 4:00 AM but have avoided posting it because the icon would be so dark. I've only used it as backgrounds for other images. I think I'll upload it soon to see if it does this well. Thanks for the inspiration. Beautiful image.
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02/25/05 5:19 PM GMT
There are pictures much better than this that have gotten little to none recognition and a lot lower c-index... i don't get it
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( CyPheR )
05/07/05 5:40 PM GMT
What program did you use? I am doing a manipulation project that requires a starfield, but I would prefer to have it all my original work. Again, curious about the don't suppose that the members of this site are biased? :-)
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05/27/05 3:42 AM GMT
Hiya Boss after staring @ this for oh about 5 minutes I realized there is a Subliminel message hidden ,...Shhhhhhhhhhhh sorry cant tell everyone.
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I dont mind, if it dont matter...
10/17/05 3:44 AM GMT
sweet, simple, love it.
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"We all hide from what we know, but the unknown is what kills us" - Matthew Smith
05/29/06 11:18 AM GMT
simle Photoshop effect but its ok!
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10/22/06 2:17 AM GMT
i'm not going to lie but to me it's just plain bad
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10/24/06 10:12 AM GMT
ok - this picture is plain, simple and makes a good wallpaper. But, I think the real beauty is the amount of emotion and discussion this picture has generated! Just look at it! Opionions range across the whole spectrum from outright abuse to high praise.
Well done Caedes!
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How do you Know I'm Mad? I must be, otherwise you wouldn't have come here.
06/14/07 12:41 AM GMT
i agree with the rest.
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06/20/07 5:55 AM GMT
I agree with hogg00, it's really peaceful (especially at midnight; it really makes you calm.) good job
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08/30/07 12:54 AM GMT
I think it's great, I have it on my notebook and the black-on-black when paired with Vista looks awesome. It really makes the icons 'pop'.
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01/09/08 10:41 PM GMT
It took Me a while. I had no idea what I was looking at until I turned the lights off in the room. I think it is very cool. I don't know if I would use it at all but it is nice.
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10/14/08 5:47 PM GMT
when i first saw it i thought it was an empty black square (not seen full size). on closer inspection it turned out to be a pretty gud starfield. good work
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There is no calm before the storm. Only in the centre is calm found.
11/28/08 6:23 AM GMT
a noise filter and some levels adjustments can go a long way lol
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01/08/09 10:01 AM GMT
Great pic, i love it :D
At first i thought it was just black but its so much more.
I've been looking for a new desktop and this just made it. Faved!!
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02/13/09 12:18 AM GMT
Nice simplicity. I'm still tring to see the image that i'm sure is in there.
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If we didn't have stupid people who would we laugh at?
07/07/09 8:35 PM GMT
awesome; The reason it's so awesome is because it's very much like the real thing.
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06/03/10 1:26 PM GMT
Faved as much for your unique and funny post as for the image. I'm a backyard astronomer (as indicated by my avatar) so this one probably means more to me than to most members. thanks.

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