Watkins Lake (new) State Land and Park.  

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Uploaded: 09/28/16 9:21 PM GMT
Watkins Lake (new) State Land and Park.
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Bear with me and i'll get to the state park story.

As a few of you know, I dont like power lines in any of my shots. i will go to extremes to get around them. after a brutal climb up hill with a leg I broke just a few months back, and no trail to lead the way. I wasnt going home without my sunset shot.

At first glance from down below it seem like i might get around the wires and a lone tree in the distance would make for a nice subject. as you can see that didnt happen! once i got that far up there really wasnt no where one could get a good shot without power lines some where. i just decided to make them part of the composition this time with the tree i saw from down below. lined up next to the tower and wires at the peak of the tree. the power lines going in the other direction down another hill from which i did not came up from? they lined up nicely with a bush as the sun set as well...bonus!

that fence you see ahead is not as close as it looks. its at least 5-6ft high. now that gives you some sense of how far away it is. all in all? it was worth the climb up. even after nearly breaking my leg/hip again coming back down in the dark. the grass on my side of the hill was just as tall as the fence. i really do need to pack a flashlight in my camera bag. thought about the one i left back at the truck about halfway up. ohwell!

So i wouldnt consider this one "negative space" it was a rather positive experience i had :) to new land and Watkins lake opening up as a State and County Park together. theres infor online about the story "Watkins lake state park" in Norvell Mi. pretty interesting story with lots of history. and a place alot of migratory birds stop over in the spring and fall.


THE END! see, wasnt that worth reading about :) i will be posting more as the days pass. this place has taken up a lot of my time...sorry for the lack of commenting...baaaad habit of mine.


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09/28/16 9:31 PM GMT
This is great, Chris.

A hands down.. "A+".. on the note of negative space or otherwise.

And that's.. even with spelling your name incorrectly.

+fav for me.
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09/28/16 10:01 PM GMT
Your narrative has left me wondering if this wonderful place has changed that much since my visit in May? Stylo, I love those colors, and you better have packed that flashlight by now.Faved!
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Nature in all her glory is my uplift on life and so is my love of photography. sandi ♪ ♫
09/28/16 11:28 PM GMT
the only thing thats changed Tigs is that we get to roam some of the most beautiful property in the lower part of this state. it hasnt been hunted nor the 100 acre lake fished in decades. theres just 1,100 + we now have access to. small drop in the bucket compared to the thousands GT Ranch owns. all we got to do last time was drive through it with land owned on both sides of the road.
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09/28/16 11:36 PM GMT
thank you Les, i'll take it! :) me folks will be prout of me's. i mite evins get me dieploma somday soon!

might wanna hold out on that spellin grade just yet :) lets just be grateful im editing just pictures instead of books.
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09/28/16 11:45 PM GMT
This a very creative approach to including those pesky power lines in an image. It actually adds to this great sunset Sty. The placement in your composition is perfect. Your hard work paid off big time.
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Life's moments are sweet. I just want to capture all that I can of them.
09/29/16 7:09 PM GMT
That is the best use of power lines I've seen on Caedes Chris and I understand your aversion. I always try to avoid them and if I can't I go for my cloning tool. Beautiful shot and would an excellent entry in the contest if you choose.
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. . . Earth laughs in flowers! Ralph Waldo Emerson
09/29/16 8:44 PM GMT
There is a stillness to this that I can feel. It`s a polished gem too ! .Fine work.
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09/30/16 3:00 AM GMT
You've outdone yourself again. Beautiful shot!
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09/30/16 6:19 PM GMT
Whoa, such amazing and beautiful colours in the sky, also love the silhouettes of the fence and also like the power lines - Spectacular posting
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