Third Eye  

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Uploaded: 08/10/06 11:57 PM GMT
Third Eye
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I was tinkering with fractals...and I came up with this one. It has an amazing optical illusion. I hope you enjoy it. :)


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08/11/06 12:29 AM GMT
Let me be the 1st to say good job on this, u realy like the lense Flare tool and u can use it pritty well nice work
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08/11/06 12:32 AM GMT
This looks really cool. Into my favs.
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08/11/06 1:13 AM GMT
Where's the other two?? Great job my friend.
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08/11/06 12:11 AM GMT
Yes I agree, this is very cool!! + Fav's
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08/11/06 2:02 PM GMT
Thanks everyone! You...fellow artists, and my beloved family...are my inspiration! :)
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10/26/06 6:52 PM GMT
Great flame. THe colours and their combination is excellent. Keep it up
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01/13/08 2:47 AM GMT
I rather like it....for a variety of reasons ;-)

All kidding aside, this is quite vivid, and converys a sense of electricity. Nicely done.
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