Black Pearl Sunset  

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Uploaded: 01/03/08 4:04 AM GMT
Black Pearl Sunset
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Apop, Flaming Pear's Flood filter. Flame rendered using flam3 at 3200x2400px and then post down-sizing. Rendering time was the longest in history for me, about 3 days. I think I will go back to rendering with Apop and at a smaller size. As always, comments are most welcome. Thank you for your views :) Wishing everyone a very Happy New Year. Lori


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01/03/08 4:14 AM GMT
It's all that water .. apo has trouble rendering water

I am sorry that didn't work out for you .. I still think the problem lies elsewhere. Did you use oversample=2?

there is some interesting texture to this at full size
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01/03/08 4:38 AM GMT
I render with Apop/ Quality 1000 filter radius 0.4 oversample 1
image size 2580x2048 and I have consistantly long renders (15 to 17 hours) I think my image quality is good but I only resize to 1280x1024 in Photoshop, highest quality Jpeg.
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01/03/08 4:42 AM GMT
I can't chew the jargon rag with ya, but I can tell you that this is beautiful and it's in my looks like fireworks over water and I am personally glad that you took your time on this render!

♦ :) PJ ♦

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01/03/08 4:46 AM GMT
This is truly amazing Lori & the 3 day wait was well worth it. I love the glowing colors. Excellent work + faves.
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01/03/08 5:23 AM GMT
Holy smokes Lori. I had one take 21 hours once but that was a while ago. What size are you rendering at & what are your settings ? And what are you doing while you render ?

I usually render at night when I'm off the computer because all my other play time during the day slows down my render time like you cannot believe. The render I just posted tonight... Cloud Mist Tea, took 8 hours to render at 3500 Q. 0.4 FR & 2 Oversample. I render at 3200 x 2400 & then size down if needed.

By the way the flood filter looks pretty good ... that was a great decision on your part, it really helps enhance your flame. ;-)
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01/03/08 5:26 AM GMT
Faved Lori, what work of art this is. Sandi♥
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01/03/08 6:26 AM GMT
What an excellent image!!The texture looks amazing!!!
Great work Lori,and Iam faving this.
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01/03/08 7:48 AM GMT
Amazing image. I don't know what Keifer is talking about, but I do know what render means and it took 3 days? Wow! You have lots of great ambition and much talent to go with it, Lori. Very different kind of fractal this is.
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01/03/08 8:20 AM GMT
This is absolutely stunning! Well worth the wait.
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01/03/08 2:09 PM GMT
I don't know what you were going for that did not work?? As from what I see it sure works! Beautifully done.

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01/03/08 2:21 PM GMT
Whoa, that IS the longest render on earth I believe. :) You did an absolutely fabulous job on this! Faved right away.
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01/03/08 10:09 PM GMT
That fractal has a real shine to it, as though it's gleaming richly in the dark. Amazing colours. The flood adds to the effect - it makes it a different type of picture and not 'just' a fractal - though it's a gorgeous one in its own right.
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01/03/08 11:26 PM GMT
I think it's magnificent Lori, well done and into the faves. I could never get flaming pearl to work for me. LOL
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01/04/08 12:18 AM GMT
Spectacular design and colors! The time spent is worth it for us all to see.We thank you for sharing and for your imagination.
To my favs!
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01/04/08 2:44 AM GMT
nice work ..i like the colors and the reflection:)
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01/05/08 3:27 PM GMT
Beautiful work Lori. Really ... beautiful to my eyes. :o)

Just going to jump in here with both feet running on the suggestions front ...

Given the 3D appearance you achieved to me, in that the arc of spirals looks like it/they are coming out at us ... raise the water level some ... and this is the most difficult aspect, since I believe you did not end up with a transparent background ... carrying on ...

... to accomplish what I am suggesting here, I suppose/think, could be relegated to the blending of the elements of the arc more so in the overall piece. By additionally changing the orientations of the reflections that appear on the 'waters' surface'. Hope that makes sense to you.

When 'you' get to the horizon, there is a bit of visual conflict there with the perceived 3D like quality that I see and would like enhanced.

So the end result would be an even more fantastical sunset ... set in some other world ... where the setting sun has the ability to reach out ... extend ... and then recede into the dark of the night and then below the horizon.

No slights intended ... as always.

3 days? Whaddya complaining about?


Excellent work. +favs for me.
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01/30/08 12:14 AM GMT
This really shines.Nice work.
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03/24/08 7:53 AM GMT
This looks like a bridge from some fantasy world. I love it.
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02/15/09 11:09 PM GMT
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01/30/10 5:48 PM GMT
wow ! I was reading your comment to laurel and click on your link and omg ! what a beautiful creation ! there are no words
that I can describe what I feel when looking at this beautiful art you have put together !
I can't thank all of you wonderful talented souls for blessing me with beautiful art that I can enjoy on a daily basis.
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