Ocular Art  

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Uploaded: 07/23/10 1:04 AM GMT
Ocular Art
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My entry for the current contest. Hope you enjoy :) Thanks in advance for all views and comments! They are very much appreciated. Lori UF + post-processing in PS CS4


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07/23/10 1:10 AM GMT
Man, I wish I could figure out the Ultra Fractal! outstanding and gorgeous Lori! You better win! luck and faved!
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07/23/10 1:14 AM GMT
Leave it to you Lori. What a great title to go with this art! It reminds me of the dance scene in Pulp Fiction. Good luck in the contest.
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07/23/10 4:00 AM GMT
Good work! These are more like the suggestion of an eye rather than an eye and that's what I find appealing about it.
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07/23/10 4:05 AM GMT
A very interesting image Lori. A nice set of peepers, mind you a little close set to one another, that you've created. I love the colours you've used, particularly the coppery red. An imaginative creation. Thanks for sharing. Best of luck in the contest.
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07/23/10 7:23 AM GMT
Hey Lori
I just saw this in VB and did not think it was yours.But it makes sense to me now. I can be a little slow sometimes! anyway it a great entry and I really hope it does well!
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07/23/10 9:13 AM GMT
Red & high school colors!! Totally works for me!!
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Why do the pictures come out square when the lens is round??
07/23/10 1:04 PM GMT
Excellent work Lori and a very very fine entry.

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07/23/10 1:06 PM GMT
Nice presentation with beautiful colors!
Wonderful creation Lori.
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07/23/10 2:01 PM GMT
great entry Lori - I like the simplicity of your color palette.
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07/23/10 3:43 PM GMT
Great work, I like this one...the contrasting colours are great!! well done =)
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"Everything has its beauty but not everyone sees it." Confucius
07/23/10 5:38 PM GMT
Splendid piece, incredibly smooth, with rich, shiny colours. I hope you do well in the contest with this!
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07/23/10 11:00 PM GMT
O my o Wow! Love this creative entry. =^..^=sandi♥
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Nature in all her glory is my uplift on life and so is my love of photography. sandi ♪ ♫
07/23/10 11:52 PM GMT
Love the shimmer Lori, marvelous work and contest entry. Best of Luck my friend
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07/24/10 4:13 AM GMT
Sure captured my eye!
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07/24/10 5:17 AM GMT
Make it stop looking at me, lol
Sweet piece, Lori. And best of luck to you.
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07/24/10 12:10 AM GMT
Marvelous image! Every time I think I've seen your best, you prove me wrong. Saved and faved.
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07/24/10 5:16 PM GMT
Fascinating fractal and great title, Lori...good luck in the contest.
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07/27/10 2:12 PM GMT
Super entry! Certainly more imaginative and creative than my dog sitting on a sofa (although I think Brooke gets the cute vote - me biased? Nah.).
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07/30/10 4:34 PM GMT
When I was a wee child, the blinking eyeball seen in the "Twilight Zone" intro always gave me the heebie jeebies, probably because I had seen an old black & white movie about a woman who was murdered and dropped in a closet that had a hole in the floor. The woman in the apartment below looks up at one point and sees the open eye of the dead woman staring down at her through that hole. Not that your image is giving me the heebie jeebies, it just reminded me of that. This actually looks more like the staring eyes of a cat, with those red wavy lines coming across like its snout whiskers. Very unique fractal, Lori.

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07/31/10 2:42 AM GMT
Congratulations on your first place win! Well deserved.
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07/31/10 3:10 AM GMT
Congratulations on your first place win in the Eyes Contest Lori ! WTG !
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07/31/10 6:03 AM GMT
Congratulations on your first place win in the Eyes Contest Lori...and to think some thought a fractalist couldn't enter this one...guess you showed em'.
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07/31/10 6:47 AM GMT
"Eye" see you have scored big time here in the contest!!!! Wowser!!! Congratulations!! Way to go and as impressive as this piece is Lori, I just can't for the life of me understand how Rob's (rvbd) "Me" didn't even get placed at all????????????? Anyway, this is really a cool piece you have here:)
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07/31/10 8:32 AM GMT
Congratulations on your first place in the contest, Lori !
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07/31/10 10:09 AM GMT
Congratulations on your win -- well deserved. :-)
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08/01/10 3:35 PM GMT
Congratulations. Beautiful and well put together.
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08/02/10 4:00 PM GMT
congratulations on your win. it was an excellent and creative upload. jen
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08/05/10 2:22 PM GMT
Congratulations Lori with the first place.

A well deserved win :o)
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Carpe Diem!
01/01/13 11:00 PM GMT
Imagine that, something else I love from Lori! This is different than all the stuff I have on my pc. I like the colors reminds me of the beautiful black and white photography you see with just one color added, such as red! I love it! Excellent work Ms. Arteest! =)
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