Finished fishing for the day.  

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Uploaded: 10/31/11 8:24 PM GMT
Finished fishing for the day.
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As the sun was setting, everything was calling it a day and going home.


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10/31/11 9:29 PM GMT
Lovely and Peaceful scene.Love the birds.Lovely photo,Ted.
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10/31/11 11:57 PM GMT
Great picture, looks very peaceful. I really like the lines, the sky line, how the birds are all in a line, and the line of the little wave by the shore. All in all I really like this picture. Great job :)
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"It seems every imaginary friends I've ever had i have had to kill them at one point or another..."
11/01/11 7:03 AM GMT
It the end of the day. Lovely photo! The birds are great!
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11/01/11 10:25 PM GMT
Nice post.
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11/04/11 6:51 PM GMT
Marvelous shot and wonderful timing
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