Out And Beyond  

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Uploaded: 10/26/15 10:21 AM GMT
Out And Beyond
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I took this one from my friend Ruby's back deck the other morning before we went to breakfast. She is the one that had all of acres of land planted in wildflowers. That of course is done for the year, and would be over to the right of this area. That is her husbands deer blind in the shot.

What drew my attention were the lines, layers, and the color.

I had the canon 70-300 IS USM lens on at that time I was trying to get some pics. of the wild turkeys, and maybe I have one decent one. :)

I appreciate your comments, thank you.



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10/26/15 10:38 AM GMT
Excellent shot Sandi lovely scene very well captured.

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10/26/15 11:42 AM GMT
I like the contrasting colors in foreground, as well as the lines you pointed out. If you're wild turkey shots didn't come out; I've got a bottle to send you.
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10/26/15 12:15 AM GMT
An interesting shot. I love the variety of colors. The Autumn colors, and scenes such as this, make me think of all the preparation nature must go through to establish a new year of growth.
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10/26/15 1:45 PM GMT
Looks very pretty with all those colours and the brown grass marking some areas.
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10/26/15 1:59 PM GMT
An interesting view from the back deck,Sandi. Does he hunt from right there in the back yard? No trudging through the woods and waiting hours for game?
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10/26/15 2:03 PM GMT
That's a strange lay out. Must be so constructed as to attract deer.
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10/26/15 3:27 PM GMT
Very interesting, and a very pretty shot, Sandi. Well done.
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10/26/15 3:31 PM GMT
You had a perfect view on the back deck Sandi. You've used this opportunity to capture this very exclusive image in order to share this with us. Thanks for that my friend. Very well done!
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10/26/15 3:53 PM GMT
Yes the layers are good as are the colours..R.
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10/26/15 6:23 PM GMT
This is one beautiful colourful photography and I love the soft looking grass and plus nice compstion plus detail in this photo as well.
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10/26/15 8:37 PM GMT
Im digging all the lines, colors and textures, Sandi. Especially the red leaves.
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10/26/15 10:29 PM GMT
I like the soft grasses , nice shot.
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10/27/15 1:33 AM GMT
Really nice work Sandi. Love the fall colors in the background.
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10/27/15 1:48 AM GMT
Nice one, it almost looks like a maze, but with some good color. Super capture.
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10/27/15 11:05 AM GMT
It makes a lovely picture - well composed by your expert eye Sandi. I like all the different textures as well as the geometric layout.
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10/28/15 12:10 AM GMT
I really like the patterns and the tall grass/wheat are creating in this beautiful scene. Really like your treatment, does your friends husband shot deer or take pictures
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10/30/15 6:59 PM GMT
Intriguing shot Sandi. Nice work. :)
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11/04/15 4:02 PM GMT
Nice backyard great colors makes for a interesting shot.

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