Cabin Fever  

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Uploaded: 07/05/16 5:54 PM GMT
Cabin Fever
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I decided to give this a different look, and thought I would enter it in the weekly B&W challenge.

I appreciate your comments, thank you in advance, sorry it's a bit on the small size.



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07/05/16 6:01 PM GMT
Sandi, as long as the home baked cookies aren't ready, I've time to enjoy the interior of this cabin. In my imagination I can smell them (the cookies of course, lol) already.

Good editing in this very fine Wednesday B&W challenge entry, my friend!
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07/05/16 7:29 PM GMT
What a grand old stove and fine work in black and white.
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07/05/16 8:01 PM GMT
I like this..A real Olde worlde feel...R.
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07/05/16 8:41 PM GMT
Looks just as good as the original in color Sandi. Good one for the challenge.
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07/05/16 9:32 PM GMT
Looks great in the sepia Sandi - suits this scene quite well I think.
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07/05/16 10:56 PM GMT
Great shot look good in b/w/ good luck in the challenge.
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07/06/16 11:24 AM GMT
Fine textures in this Sandi. What a great old oven - it all looks very well cared for. I think the sepia suits the picture very well, giving it a real feel of the times.
Thanks for entering it in the BWC. I am just about to add to the list now :)
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07/06/16 12:54 AM GMT
Sandi - Advertised as having wood paneled walls (well, also the exterior wall) and wood floors, the cabin would attract lots of market attention. With the old stove and kitchen artifacts, it makes a terrific scene for a sepia-toned photo.
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07/06/16 2:03 PM GMT
Sometimes I feel like I want to go back to this way of life (not that I have ever been there) but it seems appealing in this modern rush, rush lifestyle. Nice.
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07/06/16 6:20 PM GMT
Love the tones and old-fashioned scene...I'm with Pat in that sometimes I wish I was back there...great entry for the b/w challenge.
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07/07/16 8:21 PM GMT
im all for it! who's cooking the flapjacks....ok i will but i cant split the wood for the fire, not at this present time. bum leg!
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07/08/16 10:01 PM GMT
Like the treatment/post work - a great looking old kitchen area - if only the walls could talk
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07/10/16 8:47 AM GMT
Excellent work !!
You may win the contest with this entry !!
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07/10/16 9:14 PM GMT
What a great subject for the B/W challenge!
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07/19/16 1:01 AM GMT
Would you mind ironing a few shirts for me since you already have the iron heated up on the stove? I don't think it's safe to mix water and electricity so you might want to un-wire your water pump lamp. A good rework of your image, Sandi.
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