Lee's Treasure Trove #5 B&W  

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Uploaded: 07/27/16 1:39 PM GMT
Lee's Treasure Trove #5 B&W
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Since Lyn is running low on B&W's for the challenge, I decided to follow Mr. C. and converted this one so I could enter another one into this weeks challenge. I will share the color version another time.

Thank you for your comments, and have a pleasant day!



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07/27/16 2:01 PM GMT
Just splendid Sandi ! The editing you have done gives such a polished and pristine effect to this wonderful scene full of old treasures. I love the contrast of the rough wooden walls and the shiny smooth table.

Added to the list - very many thanks :)
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07/27/16 2:07 PM GMT
Just great, Sandi!

These tiny words above have a double meaning:
-1- thanks for supporting the Wednesday B&W challenge again with an additional entry;
-2- you've provided us again with a HQ B&W image. Love its nostalgic touch. Wish I could 'explore' Lee's 'treasures' in person. Really excellent subjects for photo opportunities.
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07/27/16 2:59 PM GMT
The b/w conversion has brought out the details nicely. Good one for the challenge.
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07/27/16 4:48 PM GMT
Wonderful details and rich monotones Sandi.
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07/27/16 5:44 PM GMT
This works very well , fine image and I hope you post in in color too because I imagine the wood has a nice patina.
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07/27/16 8:45 PM GMT
Nicely caught..You are getting some diamonds here...R.
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07/27/16 11:15 PM GMT
Excellent shot Sandi good luck in the challenge.
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07/28/16 12:24 AM GMT
Great angle and just awesome in black and white.
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07/28/16 11:16 AM GMT
if the next contest is retro my friend, you have it it the bag with this place. Bravo!
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07/28/16 7:14 PM GMT
Great contrasts with the lighting
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07/28/16 8:57 PM GMT
Oddly enough, you don't seem to be on my friends list anymore...will correct that right away...meanwhile, glad I came across this one...this type of quaint nostalgic environment always appeals to me and this one looks great in b/w.
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07/30/16 1:48 PM GMT
Impressive scene and perfect capture, quite unique actually.
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08/08/16 2:07 PM GMT
Wowser Sandi, I'm absolutely love this series - another Beauty and such detail again wow
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08/09/16 12:30 AM GMT
That folding chair has to go, take it with you on your way out. It has no business being at that fine piece of craftsmanship that it that table. Close the windows you're letting the flies in. And just what exactly is the correct time: 10:09 or 9:05? Now I don't know when to show up late for dinner. :)

A great capture of the scene, Sandi.
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