Miss Kitty In B&W  

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Uploaded: 08/23/16 2:28 PM GMT
Miss Kitty In B&W
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Thought I would enter this one into the weekly challenge.

Miss Kitty is doing well in her new home btw. She is now inside only cat, and the owner is introducing her to the other cat slowly.

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08/23/16 2:42 PM GMT
I really like this and I'm glad you left the color in her eyes!
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08/23/16 5:05 PM GMT
So glad to hear this little girl is happy in her new home...she looks a bit like my black female except mine has a bit of a pushed in nose because of a little persian in her background...great shot and nice one for the challenge this week.
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08/23/16 6:35 PM GMT
Sandi, I love that you kept the yellow colors of this little rascal's (lol), aka Miss Kitty, eyes. Makes it to an intriguing entry for the Wednesday B&W challenge.
Perfectly done again, my friend.
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08/23/16 8:41 PM GMT
She is photogenic , another fine capture Sandi.
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08/23/16 9:50 PM GMT
Nice one for the challenge Sandi. That is a beautiful cat and really long legged. Whenever I see a black cat it always reminds me of my Dad. Whenever he crossed paths with a black cat he would always turn his hat around. I used to get a kick out of that.
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Life's moments are sweet. I just want to capture all that I can of them.
08/23/16 10:13 PM GMT
She stalking you..good work on the eyes....R.
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08/24/16 12:32 AM GMT
I think she does like having her photo taken, she is a beauty.
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08/24/16 8:01 AM GMT
This makes a nice entry for the challenge. Kitty's eyes are so prominent here.
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08/24/16 4:36 PM GMT
Love the look on her sweet face - excellent B/W my friend
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08/25/16 4:01 AM GMT
Miss Kitty is a beautiful cat with a sweet face. Lovely portrait.
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08/25/16 3:53 PM GMT
She's on the prowl. Nice capture of this feline.
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08/28/16 11:27 AM GMT
how i love black kitties! i will cross their path in a heart beat :) then again i sure have some bad luck! maybe i should rethink that one. and walking under ladders, breaking mirrors. and the list goes on....
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