Winona At Sunset _B&W  

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Uploaded: 08/30/16 4:49 PM GMT
Winona At Sunset _B&W
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I thought I would try this one in B&W .

I hope to see your B&W's in the challenge this week.

Thank you for commenting.



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08/30/16 4:59 PM GMT
The coloured version was gorgeous but this B/W is a fabulous entry showing even more detail
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08/30/16 6:53 PM GMT
I loved that colored version as you know but it also does splendidly in B&W - wonderful depth to the shot which I think the B&W highlights even more.
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08/30/16 7:51 PM GMT
It did up nice in black and white. I too loved the colored version.
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08/30/16 9:19 PM GMT
Lovely in b/w and makes a perfect entry for the b/w challenge
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08/30/16 9:59 PM GMT
That sky really does look very imposing in black and white. A sure contender in the B/W contest. Good Luck!
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08/30/16 10:18 PM GMT
This works very well in B+W , the sky stands out.
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08/31/16 7:33 AM GMT
Very impressive how this scene works so very well in black and white, wishing you best of luck in the contest!
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08/31/16 9:45 AM GMT
Sandi, to me it's another proof that a sunset image can't be only fine in a colored version. You've provided us with a wonderful B&W sunset capture, and a perfect entry for the Wednesday B&W challenge, my friend!
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09/01/16 12:48 AM GMT
The sky is magificent Sandi and lends itself so well to BW giving a moody atmosphere.
I shall add it to the BWC now - many thanks :)
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09/04/16 11:34 AM GMT
makes for a great B/W tigs i like this one better then the colored one
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