The Click Beetle  

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Uploaded: 06/12/17 11:33 AM GMT
The Click Beetle
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While visiting the Calendar garden the other day my friend Pam all of sudden said OMG! Hold still. She then removed this weird looking critter off of the back of my shoulder. The master gardener Jon, told us it was a Click Beetle, named for the clicking sound it makes when it's on it's back with it's head till gets turned back over.

Before flying off for parts unknown I got this pic. of it.

This is my M.M. post, and also my B&W challenge entry for this week. It was this color to start with, my conversion just changed the background.

Thank you in advance for commenting, I'm glad I did not realize it was on me, I probably would have freaked out. :)



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06/12/17 11:38 AM GMT
OOOOh, I would have freaked out too !
What a big-eyed beetle !
You got a very detailed shot of it Sandi.

Very manic and also perfect for the BWC. I have added it to my list - I know you will change the gallery :)
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06/12/17 11:40 AM GMT
Like two eyes watching you..Good one..R.
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06/12/17 12:28 AM GMT
Never seen one - a rare find and capture of "clicker" and a good one for the challenge.
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06/12/17 2:27 PM GMT
Mother nature never ceases to amaze me with her creations, you captured this perfectly, really like the black and white for this.
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06/12/17 3:05 PM GMT
Man it's an ugly customer. Great capture though.
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06/12/17 4:04 PM GMT
Is this the one with bright green eyes?, in Spanish they are called "Cocuyos", when I was a kid, we used to put them inside jar to see the glow, great capture
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06/12/17 7:26 PM GMT
This make a terrific B&W Sandi and I know I would have freaked out as well!
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06/12/17 11:23 PM GMT
Hmm ... I have never seen (or heard) one either. Interesting camouflage-type patterning in its coloration. And I would guess, by the large false "eyes" on its back, that it is more frequently concerned about being the prey than the predator. So I'm thinking that you were probably pretty safe, Sandi!

And great job on harnessing your adrenaline burst to capture a lightning fast photograph, instead of wasting it on a freak out! :)
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06/13/17 9:52 AM GMT
Sandi, it's a 'dandy' because of its huge sunglasses on its back, ☺ .

Perfect Manic Monday and Wednesday B&W challenge entry, my friend
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06/13/17 2:10 PM GMT
The black markings as some may know are to make it look bigger to predators. Birds can't tell if they are eyes or not. You would love some of the huge exotic bugs we have down here. :)
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06/16/17 7:23 AM GMT
The click beetles I have seen are black, but I know there are different varieties. I can imagine how startling it would be to see those "eyes" looking at you! Good one.
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06/18/17 8:44 PM GMT
You are a pretty calm one Sandi. This a great take on that insect. I instantly noticed those false eyes on its back.
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Life's moments are sweet. I just want to capture all that I can of them.
06/20/17 4:40 AM GMT
The Eastern Eyed Click Beetle if my internet search was on the nose. And this would be the perfect chance to test the 1:1 focusing on your Nikkor 105mm. I'll bet that critter looks amazing up close.
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