Botanical Garden Orchid  

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Uploaded: 02/21/23 2:19 PM GMT
Botanical Garden Orchid
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I recently went to a botanical garden with a friend in hopes of some photo opts. They had some beautiful orchids so I gave the phone a try😉 I left my DSLR at home. I edited this using the free Snap Seed App. I appreciate your comments either yay or nay. tigs=^..^=


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02/21/23 2:40 PM GMT
----I appreciate your comments either yay or nay----

With such a splendid orchid capture, in fact a superfluous remark, Sandi, 😁 !
Has the appearance of a floral macro. I'm amazed not only by its colors but by the details as well!
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02/21/23 3:51 PM GMT
Lovely orchids Tigs that fill the frame nicely - Great Work With the Phone!!!!!!
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02/21/23 4:24 PM GMT
It's a yay from me, they are truly beautiful. One lovely photo!!
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02/21/23 7:53 PM GMT
You have become an expert in the use of invisible ink... :D ...R.
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Do not trust Atoms....they make up everything.
02/21/23 9:43 PM GMT
It is crisp and detailed and well laid out , great image Sandi.
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02/22/23 3:59 PM GMT
Really nice one Sandi - I'm so impressed with the quality of your phone shots!
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