Worlds Unknown w/ Lens Glare  

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Uploaded: 05/16/06 8:14 PM GMT
Worlds Unknown w/ Lens Glare
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I'm curious as to which of the two versions of this image you prefer. Tell me what you think. Please, if you want to use one of my gallery images, ask.


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05/16/06 9:35 PM GMT
Hmm...I just noticed that you're uploading 1600x1200...does that mean you have the full version of TG? If so...tell me so I can tell you something quite important lol...also! I like the one w/o the flare...just adds too much to the already bright scene...

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Andrew VS. Jerry in Glare Wars...who'll win!?
05/16/06 10:28 PM GMT
I think the lens flare is sorta cool. Is that PW?
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05/17/06 1:58 PM GMT
Very nice!
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"Nor is there salvation in any other, for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we are saved" Acts 4:12
05/17/06 7:05 PM GMT
Lens flare is so underrated in my opinion! I love the pic. More lensflare please!
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05/17/06 8:11 PM GMT
Such a wonderful sense of place. I wish I was there. I love this version.
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05/19/06 4:18 AM GMT
Back to your good 'ole self and making masterful creations! Splendid! If only your worlds could be created in actuality, this planet would be paradise.
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