Lone Tree  

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Uploaded: 09/22/06 8:36 PM GMT
Lone Tree
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Another go with Bryce. Tell me what you think. Please, if you wish to use one of my images, ask.


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09/22/06 8:46 PM GMT
the tree is floating...
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09/22/06 8:57 PM GMT
I noticed that...but other than that...
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09/22/06 9:28 PM GMT
other than that i like it. it's simple and not too distracting as a desktop
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09/22/06 10:11 PM GMT
I like the tree floating, it's unique. 8)
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09/22/06 11:26 PM GMT
A beautiful render Tim. I love everything about it ... the sky, ripples in the sand, & especially the floating tree. Excellent work.
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09/23/06 12:01 AM GMT
Cool. The tree looks like it's walking, nice! I have to try Bryce one of these days...
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09/23/06 4:29 AM GMT
That's pretty cool Tim. I didn't know you were playin with Bryce.
Neat conceptual image...and a GREAT Tree.

If you're interested, I uploaded some Sky presets and some texture files to Terranuts. Here's the link.
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09/23/06 5:35 AM GMT
Its damn creative. Its a lovely floating green tree on a hot sandy desert. Does it represent that if you wish you can keep distance from any evil and live full? WOW!
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09/23/06 12:50 AM GMT
I love the shadow! Nice and surreal image! great job, Tim!
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10/01/06 1:43 AM GMT
As requested: I think that the composition would improve by moving the tree a bit to the right and casting the shadow toward the middle of the frame. This would put the tree at the 'ideal' 1/3 rule location and ensure that the shadow was fully visible (since the shadow is an improtant part of the image I would prefer to see all of it).
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10/12/06 12:01 AM GMT
...also, since the title is "lone tree," you want to have more of a deserted feel. Maybe if you also increased the fierd of view and tilted the camera to get more sky, and reducing the height of the camera. Also, it might be good to darken it (to give it the lonely mood), and probably since it's october, a red sky would be a nice touch.

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11/03/06 2:58 AM GMT
its an interesting photo. it has to be a lone tree but to me it looks like it can walk to find more trees to play with. your thought of a lone tree is good but i think you should plant it befor it walks awy. lol
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