Baarn Bounty Dahlia  

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Uploaded: 09/11/23 2:37 PM GMT
Baarn Bounty Dahlia
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These type of dahlias are from the Pacific Northwest - several growers in Oregon and Washington specialize in these. From the spelling of the name I'm guessing these originated in the Netherlands but I don't know for sure. This dahlia was very large - probably 8-10" across.


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09/11/23 5:24 PM GMT
Such a beautful, and perfect bloom! :) tigs=^..^=
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09/11/23 5:33 PM GMT
Kathy, Baarn is a municipality and a town in The Netherlands.
Hendrik Hornsveld (1863 - 1956) (only available in the Dutch Language) lived in Baarn.
Hendrik was at the cradle of professional dahlia cultivation in The Netherlands. He not only developed new dahlia varieties but also won countless national and international prizes.
I can't rule out that the excellently by you photographed dahlia by Hendrik Hornsveld has been given the name 'Baarn Bounty', because there are also 'Baarn Beauty', 'Baarn Born', Baarn Sunshine' and 'Baarn Bloei ('Baarn Blooming') dahlia's of Dutch origin, but I couldn't confirm who has given the name to the 'Baarn Bounty' dahlia.
Splendid capture anyhow!
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09/13/23 12:44 AM GMT
Dahlia perfection Kathy !
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