Lone Tree In B&W Series  

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Uploaded: 09/06/06 9:12 PM GMT
Lone Tree In B&W Series
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09/06/06 9:35 PM GMT
I really like the atmosphere of this picture and the way you've presented it, good work !

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joy is not in things, it's in us !!!
09/06/06 11:25 PM GMT
A very moving post Verena with lots of emotion. The tree branches at the bottom looks like they're trying to 'bend' in teh breeze like sometimes we have to in life. Very nice post and it's great in black/white. Thanks for this one.
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"Resonate with what is true for you and leave the rest." I'm always happy to see you at My Gallery. I appreciate all of you. Thanks, Anita
09/06/06 11:58 PM GMT
Riveting piece of art V!! Minimalistic and simply, yet, very powerful in thought!! Such an artist of many canvases you are in mind, body, spirit and soul!!
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Picture Purrrfect . A purrrfect world is what we all want, but, seems too unobtainable. If I've viewed and commented on your post, and you liked my remarks then NO THANKS is needed...just getting to see your wonderful work is thanks enough for me!! Also BIG thanks to all who check out my work!! I appreciate any and all comments & feedback!!
09/07/06 12:24 AM GMT
Hi Verena, this image is lovely and sadly to say, can be symbolic of so many things, so many of us feel so much of the time, can't it? I bet you had this analysis in mind when you posted this beauty! It makes me feel that the tree's aloneness is something he would like to change and doesn't know how! My written words would make you think that this is my present mood, but isn't, I am happy to say! However, it arouses in me a feeling of uneasiness! Trees that stand alone, and are posted for sharing, can deliver a subliminal message from their author, I hope this one doesn't! I wouldn't want that message from my friend! I hope things are going fine with you Verena! It is a positively beautiful image, and done so very well, by an expert! I just love it! High marks from me when we meet again! Sincerely, Marilyn
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09/07/06 12:57 AM GMT
Everyone has been so moved by this lovely and evocative piece of work I am not immune, but much has been said already. I can tell you what I liked about this work from an artistic point of view, and that includes the way you've given it to us in black and white, which I think was the wisest choice. Color would have destroyed the strong mood you are conveying. The somber mound this subject is sitting on is curious in that it also sets the stage for the theme of alone, for one can only think that when whatever usually grows in this field is in full season, this solitary tree is standing a little above and aloof from its companions in the field. That it is so far away from the other dark sentinels in the background bolsters your presentation...but there is one intriguing note to this and that is although the subject is indeed alone, there is promise in all the stark, bare branches and twigs of a new beginning in the spring when it will no longer be alone, but host to a wonderful variety of leaves, nuts, birds or whatever else it produces and attracts when life begins to stir anew. So, yes, I get the feeling of alone, and yes, even in high summer it will be alone, but it certainly will be entertaining a lot of its own company, and sometimes that can be the best....and despite my best efforts I strayed from the artistic to the emotive comment :)))
:) PJ
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"Art comes to you proposing frankly to give nothing but the highest quality to your moments as they pass." Walter Pater
09/07/06 1:17 AM GMT
A wonderful presentation Verena ... simple but yet stunning. The B/W is perfect for this image. Excellent work.
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Friends are like shining stars. You may not always see them, but you know they are always there for you.
09/07/06 1:29 AM GMT
Very dramatic shot Verena ! Beautifully done !
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09/07/06 1:45 AM GMT
Can't say no more than the rest above.....wonderful.

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I would rather live my life as if there is a God and die to find out there isn't, than live my life as if there isn't and die to find out there is.
09/07/06 1:45 AM GMT
Wow, Verena, I'm speechless! But this tree definately speaks poetry. I love the b/w with this type of photo. Thanks for posting it my friend. Into my favs without a doubt :)
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09/07/06 4:07 AM GMT
Hi Verena. You have come up with a beautiful and artistic creation today. This is so nice to see and cherish. I see the tree like an old man abandoned by his loved ones. The colors speaks a lot in this theme.
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09/07/06 4:24 AM GMT
A nice moody picture, well done.
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I would rather live my life as if there is a God and die to find out there isn't, than live my life as if there isn't and die to find out there is. Albert Camus ........ My Gallery
09/07/06 4:59 AM GMT
Excellent composition and use of black and white. anne :-)
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Don't tell me it's good, tell me what is good about it. Don't tell me it stinks, tell me what I can do do improve it. Thank you for taking the time to tell me anything at all. Be blessed. anne :-)
09/07/06 6:30 AM GMT
Agree with the other comments, Verena. Lone trees are always attractive. Very well done!
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09/07/06 7:41 AM GMT
Excellent image here Verena. Im glad you gave no description.. even though the meaning is clear.. interpretation of what that exactly means is open. Its got a nice range of tones, and good contrast.. and works as a simple image with a strong conceptual backing. Nice work.
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09/07/06 8:10 AM GMT
Lovely Composition V......and very reminiscent of the present!
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*Please forgive me, for not replying to every one of your lovely images-Problems with my hands is making it difficult at present* Dunstickin's Gallery
09/07/06 7:00 PM GMT
This photo just speaks volumes Verena. Very beautiful indeed,
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Truly great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave, and impossible to forget ;)
09/07/06 9:09 PM GMT
Wonderful picture that should be on my wall! Very effective image in b/w - great choice.
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Proper prior preparation prevents poor performance!
09/07/06 9:28 PM GMT
Great great image, and i am very pleased that it is set in black and white.
Well done, and thank your for this fine posting.

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09/09/06 12:56 AM GMT
This is an excellent photograph. I love the look of the tree in the foreground with the mountains over looking the long grass. I love the cloud formations too. The black and white theme is perfect for this image. Excellent work
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09/09/06 4:39 PM GMT
Words fail me, really complete beautiful.
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Everything become differently, as soon as something is rapidly on said......Lien.
09/10/06 8:55 AM GMT
A very scenic piece of work with great perceptive , made even better by the use of b/w
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09/14/06 9:49 PM GMT
I am enjoying previewing all your B&W photo's... Sorry I don't comment on all of them but its hard to keep up with you.. Not complaining though, I hope you don't care but I use some of your ideals as inspiration for my B&W experiments which I have discussed with you.... You certainly have a keen eye for composition... Keep them coming...
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11/02/06 8:29 AM GMT
B/W rocks, great defo works. good stuff
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07/05/07 10:56 PM GMT
very very nice. well composed, and nice framing.
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A friend of mine works in a camera store. The other day a very confused looking woman approached the counter and handed my friend a camera. She said "I took pictures, but I forgot to have film in the camera. Can you please get them out of the camera for me?"
11/02/09 2:40 AM GMT
Great B&W shot. Nicely captured.
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Imagine there were no hypothetical situations.

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