Nautilus Curves  

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Uploaded: 09/02/08 8:34 PM GMT
Nautilus Curves
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There is such beauty in seashells, and this slice of Nautilus shell presents such perfection. Thanx for looking and enjoy!


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09/02/08 11:15 PM GMT
Very beautiful, Verena and again, a worthy entrant into the competition. Good luck.
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09/02/08 11:34 PM GMT
Nice shot!!
Good luck to you
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09/03/08 12:05 AM GMT
That looks like a fractal or some kind of abstract. Really nice work. Good luck in the contest.

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09/03/08 12:53 AM GMT
Another good post V for the contest. I like the soft colors of this one. Excellent post.

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09/03/08 1:28 AM GMT
GORGEOUS capture Verena. Such amazing colours, lighting, clarity and detail of this beautiful shell. Love the pearl like look in it. Good Luck
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09/03/08 2:54 AM GMT
Very cool opalescence colors. Curves galore! Wonderful capture.
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09/03/08 5:59 AM GMT
Beautiful beautiful!! I love it, and I hope you come up a winner!
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09/03/08 8:36 AM GMT
This is just absolutely gorgeous! Great entry for the contest. Good luck!
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09/03/08 10:03 AM GMT
Stunning piece!! Almost looks like a fractal, Mother Nature is sooo amazing!! Good luck in the contest!!
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Why do the pictures come out square when the lens is round??
09/03/08 10:57 AM GMT
wow, that's gorgeous. Nothing like Nature for great art. :)
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09/03/08 1:20 PM GMT
Best of luck to you.

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09/03/08 3:58 PM GMT
The chambered nautilus is one of nature's true wonders.n Great capture.
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09/03/08 7:41 PM GMT
WOW... what a beauty! Perfect clarity .. love it..well done and good luck too with this great image!!
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09/04/08 6:49 PM GMT
I love the pearly effect of this beautiful shell Verena. You have captured its wonderful shape in your great composition. Nice job!
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09/06/08 3:34 PM GMT
Beautiful seashell, such lovely pastel colors!
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